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Shooting Star Nursery offers its retail clients the benefits of a nursery without the high prices of a garden center and a staff that can answer your questions. Plants are the first order of business at Shooting Star, which customers will appreciate as they encounter three acres of growing trees and plants, arranged in convenient rows for easy viewing. A large selection of trees, shrubs, and perennials offer something for everyone. From common landscape plants to one-of-a-kind perennials, the nursery is always on the lookout for new plants to meet the needs of everyday gardeners, landscape professionals, and self-described plant nerds like the owners themselves!

nursery sign and planting beds
plant nursery in spring with rainbow

Shooting Star appeals to local concerns with an extensive selection of drought tolerant and deer resistant plants, including many harder-to-find varieties.

variety of retail and wholesale trees available
examples of potted plant arrangements

The knowledgeable staff at Shooting Star is always willing to help with plant selection and to offer design tips. Bring your measurements and photos for assistance. Landscape design and consultation services are available by arrangement.

Our nursery is laid out to make it easy for you to shop and see the form of the tree that you may be interested in. We can also deliver – from one tree to a trailer load!

We are especially interested in edible perennials, shrubs, and trees. See the fruiting tree and shrub section of our availability list below for what varieties we carry.

NO MAIL ORDER: Sorry, we are not set up to ship live products at this time. Please visit our nursery or arrange local delivery in the Rogue Valley.

Retail Availability List

Everything we grow is neonic-free, pollinator friendly

Here is our availability list, but note this is not always 100% accurate though we try to keep it as up to date as possible.  **Please call for pricing and to make sure what you want is in stock or for sale as inventory is constantly changing and includes plants we are growing out as well.**  We can easily put together an estimate for your specific project. Also, if you don't see it, please ask, we may be able to order it for you.


DescriptionQuantity on hand


Asplenium scolopendrium- 4"Hart's Tongue Fern-4"17
Blechnum spicant- 1 galDeer Fern (native) - 1 gal18
Blechnum spicant- 4"Deer Fern (native) - 4"18
Cyrtomium falcatum 'Rochfordianum'- 1 galJapanese Holly Fern- 1gal12
Cyrtomium fortunei - 1 galHardy Holly Fern - 1 gal10
Dryopteris erythrosora- 1 galAutumn Fern- 1 gal19
Dryopteris erythrosora- 4"Autumn Fern- 4"0
Dryopteris sieboldii- 1 galSiebold's Wood Fern- 1 gal9
Dryopteris wall. 'Jurassic GoldJurassic Gold' Wood Fern- 1 gal1
Polystichum munitum- 1 galWestern Sword Fern- 1 gal19
Polystichum munitum- 3 galWestern Sword Fern- 3 gal0
Polystichum munitum- 5 galWestern Sword Fern- 3-5 gal0
Polystichum neolobatum-4"Asian Saber Fern- 4'-1
Polystichum polyblepharum-1 galTassel Fern- 1 gal19
Polystichum polyblepharum- 4"Tassel Fern- 4"6
Pteridium aquilinum- 1 galWestern Bracken Fern (native)- 1 gal0

Fruit trees and shrubs

Actinidia ar. 'Ananasnay'- 1 gaAnanasnaya' Hardy Female Kiwi- 1 gal0
Actinidia arguta 'Issai'- 1 galIssai' Hardy Kiwi (self-fertile)- 1 gal1
Actinidia arguta 'Issai'- 2 galIssai' Hardy Kiwi- 2gal0
Actinidia arguta 'Issai'- 5 galHardy Kiwi (compact vine,self-fertile)- 5 gal5
Actinidia arguta 'Ken's Red' (Female)5Ken's Red' Hardy Kiwi (Female)-5 gal6
Actinidia arguta 'Male'- 1 galHardy Kiwi (male, pollinator, no fruit)- 1 gal3
Actinidia del. 'Jenny'- 2 galJenny' Hardy fuzzy Kiwi- 2 gal0
Almond 'All in One'- 5 gaAll in One' Almond- 5 gal0
Apple' Arkansas Black'- 5 galArkansas Black' Apple- 5 gal1
Apple 'Braeburn' -1" pottedBraeburn Apple- 1", potted8
Apple 'Fuji' (dwarf)- 5 galFuji' Apple tree (dwarf rootstock)- 5 gal1
Apple 'Granny Smith'-1", pottedGranny Smith Apple (green)- 1", potted0
Apple 'Honeycrisp' - 5 galHoneycrisp' Apple (dwarf rootstock)- 5 gal1
Apple 'Mutsu'- 1", pottedMutsu' Apple- 1", potted0
Apple 'Pink Lady'- 1" pottedPink Lady' Apple- 1" potted0
Apple 'Red Spitzenburg'- pottedRed Spitzenburg' Apple- 3/4" Potted1
Apricot 'Wenatch-Moorpark'- 5 gWenatchee-Moorpark' Apricot- 5 g potted (dwarf rootstock)0
Artichoke 'Green Globe' 1gImproved Green Globe' Artichoke 1g.0
Artichoke 'Improved Green GlobeImproved Green Globe' Artichoke - 4"0
Blueberry, assorted- 1galAssorted Blueberry- 1 gal6
Blueberry, assorted- 20 galAssorted Blueberry- 20 gal2
Blueberry, assorted- 2 galAssorted Blueberry- 2 gal4
Blueberry, assorted- 3 galAssorted Blueberry- 3 gal15
Blueberry, assorted- 5 galAssorted Blueberry- 5 gal2
Boysenberry (thornless)- 3galThornless Boysenberry - 3 gal0
Castanea mollissimaCastanea mollissima - Chinese Chestnut 1 g.1
Cherry 'Bing'- 5 galBing Cherry- 5 gal1
Cherry 'Craig's Crimson'-pottedCraig's Crimson' Cherry- potted4
Cherry 'Montmorency'- 1"Montmorency Cherry (self-fertile, sour red, pies)- 1", potted0
Cherry 'Royal Ann'- 5 galRoyal Ann' Cherry- 5 gal3
Citrus ' Flying Dragon'- 2 GALFlying Dragon' Contorted Citrus relative (hardy to minus 20)-2 gal0
Citrus 'Meyer Lemon'- 5 galMeyer' Lemon Tree- 5 gal4
Espaliered Fruit trees- 10 galAssorted Espaliered Fruit Trees- 10 gal2
Espaliered Fruit trees- 1.5"Assorted Espaliered Fruit Trees- 1.5"3
Fig 'Brown Turkey'- 15 galBrown Turkey' Fig-15 gal0
Fig 'Brown Turkey'- 1 galBrown Turkey' Fig- 1 gal2
Fig 'Chicago Hardy'- 7 galChicago Hardy' Fig- 7 gal10
Fig 'Desert King' -2 galDesert King' Fig- 2 gal36
Fig 'Lattarula'- 1 galLattarula' Fig- 1 gal0
Fig 'Liltle Ruby'- 7 galLittle Ruby' Fig- 7 gal10
Fig 'Little Ruby'-qtLittle Ruby' Dwarf Fig- qt4
Fig 'Violette de Bordeaux'-5galViolette de Bordeaux' Fig (dwarf and extra hardy)- 5gal0
Hazelnut assorted- 5 galAssorted Hazelnuts 5 gal9
Humulus lupulus, assorted- 1 gaAssorted Hops- 1 gal4
Mulberry assorted- pottedAssorted Fruiting Mulberry- potted12
Nectaplum 'Pix Zee'- 10 galPix Zee' Dwarf Nectarine- 10 gal--
Nectarine 'Flavortop'- 5 galFlavortop' Nectarine- 5 gal semi-dwarf0
Nectarine 'Necta-Zee'- 10 gaNecta Zee' Dwarf Nectarine- 10 gal1
Olive 'Arbequina'- 15 galArbequina' Olive- 15 gal, std or multi6
Olive 'Arbequina'- 1 galArbequina' Olive- 1 gal (hardy)0
Olive 'Arbequina' -5 galArbequina' Olive- 5 gal1
Olive 'Frantoio'- 15 galFrantoio' Edible, cold hardy Olive- 15 gal std1
Peach '49er'- 1"49er' Peach- 1", potted0
Peach '49er'- 5 gal49er' Peach- 5 gal2
Peach 'Contender' 5 galContender' Peach 5- gal0
Peach 'Frost'- 5 gFrost' Peach- 5 g - Semi-dwarf0
Peach 'Garden Gold'-10 galGarden Gold' Peach- 10 gal1
Peach 'Honey Babe'- 10 galHoney Babe' Dwarf Peach- 10 gal1
Peach-'Indian Free'-pottedPeach-'Indian Free'-potted1
Peach 'Pix Zee'- 10 galPix Zee' Dwarf Peach- 10 gal (ready in June)-1
Peach 'Red Haven' -5 galRed Haven' Peach- 5 gal1
Pear 'Bartlett' - 1" pottedBartlett Pear - 1"potted0
Pear 'Bosc'- 5 gBosc' Pear- 5 g1
Pear 'Comice'- 1"Comice Pear (greenish yellow)- 1", potted0
Pear 'Comice' 5 galComice Pear - 5 gal1
Pear 'D'Anjou'- 5 galD'Anjou' Pear- 5 gal0
Pear, espaliered -DAnjou1 1/2'Espaliered D'Anjou Pear tree- 1 1/2"0
Persimmon 'Fuyu'- pottedFuyu' Persimmon-potted18
Persimmon 'Hachiya'- pottedHachiya' Persimmon- , potted1
Pistachio, assorted- 10 galAssorted Pistachio Nut trees- 10 gal3
Pluerry 'Flavor Punch'-pottedFlavor Punch' Plumcherry- potted3
Pluerry 'Sweet Treat'- pottedSweet Treat' Pluerry- potted5
Plum 'Emerald Beauty'-1" pottedEmerald Beauty' Plum-1", potted0
Plum 'Itailian'- pottedItalian' Plum- potted1
Plum 'Santa Rosa' - pottedSanta Rosa Plum (semi self-fertile, good pollenator) - potted0
Plum 'Satsuma'- 5 gSatsuma' Plum- 5 g, Dwarf potted2
Pluot, assorted- 10 galAssorted Pluots- 10 gal1
Punica 'A.C. Sweet'- 1 galA.C. Sweet' Pomegranate- 1 gal0
Punica 'Favorite'- 5 galFavorite' Pomegranate- 5 gal4
Punica g. ' Wonderful' - 1Wonderful' Pomegranate - 1 gal0
Punica 'Parfianka' - 1 galParfianka' Pomegranate- 1 gal0
Punica 'Wonderful'- 15 galWonderful' Pomegranate- 15 gal, multi1
Raspberry 'Anne'- 1galAnne' Everbearing Golden Raspberry- 1gal0
Raspberry 'Caroline'- 1 galCaroline' Raspberry- 1 gal0
Raspberry 'Fall Gold' -1 galFall Gold' Raspberry (everbearing) - 1 gal0
Raspberry 'Heritage'- 2 galHeritage' Red Raspberry- 2 gal0
Raspberry 'Heritage Red'-1 galHeritage' Red Raspberry- 1 gal24
Raspberry 'Heritage Red'-5 galHeritage' Red Raspberry- 5 gal1
Raspberry 'Meeker' -2gMeeker' Raspberry -2g6
Raspberry ShortcakeRaspberry Shortcake (R) PP22141 Dwarf Thornless Raspberry - 1 gal0
Rhubarb 'Victoria'- 2 galVictoria' Rhubarb - 2 gal0
Strawberry, 4"Assorted Strawberries- 4"16
Strawberry, Asst. - 1 galAssorted Strawberry - 1 gal0
Vitis 'Canadice'-5 galCanadice' Grape Vine (red seedless)- 5 gal5
Vitis 'Himrod'-5 galHimrod' Grape (sweet, golden yellow, seedless)- 5 gal7
Vitis 'Lakemont'- 5 galLakemont' Grape Vine (yellowish-green, seedless)- 5 gal8
Vitis 'Suffolk Red'- 5 galSuffolk Red Grape (seedless, early ripening)- 5 gal8
Walnut 'Idaho' - 3/4" pottedIdaho' Walnut (very hardy, large nuts) - 3/4" potted18
Walnut 'Robert Livermore'- potRobert Livermore' Red Walnut- potted0

Grasses and Grasslike Plants

Agave parryi- 1 galParryi Agave- 1 gal35
Agave parryi- 4"Parryi Agave- 4"0
Agave p. 'Blue Glow'- qtBlue Glow' Agave- qt8
Agave p. 'JC Raulston'- 1 galJC Raulston' Parryi Agave- 1 gal8
Andropogon 'Blackhawks'-2gBlackhawks' Big Bluestem Grass-2g76
Andropogon 'Red October'-2gRed October' Big Bluestem Grass- 2g10
Bouteloua 'Blonde Ambition'- 1Blonde Ambition' Blue Grama Grass- 1 gal65
Calamagrostis brachytricha- 1 gShade Reed Grass- 1 gal148
Calamagrostis brachytricha--2gaShade Reed Grass--2 gal50
Calamagrostis 'Eldorado'- 1 galEldorado' Gold Centered Variegated Feather Reed Grass- 1 gal39
Calamagrostis 'Eldorado'- 5 galEldorado' Gold Centered Variegated Feather Reed Grass- 5 gal.32
Calamagrostis 'Karl F.' - 5 galKarl Foerster' Feather Reed Grass- 5gal83
Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster'-1Karl Foerster' Feather Reed Grass- 1 gal145
Calamagrostis 'Overdam'- 1 galOverdam' Variegated Feather Reed Grass- 1 gal112
Calamagrostis 'Overdam'- 5gOverdam' Variegated Feather Reed Grass- 5 gal18
Carex buchananii- 1 galBronze sedge- 1 gal52
Carex e. 'Bowles Golden' - 1 gaBowles Golden' Sedge' - 1 gal0
Carex glauca' Blue Zinger'- 1 gBlue Zinger' Blue Sedge- 1 gal14
Carex obnupta- 4"Slough Sedge- 4"0
Carex o. 'Everest'-1gEverest' White Variegated Sedge Grass- 1 gal96
Carex o. 'Everest'-4"Everest' White Variegated Sedge Grass- 4"0
Carex o. 'Evergold'- 1 galEvergold' Yellow Variegated Sedge Grass- 1gal-3
Carex o. 'Evergold'- 4"Evergold' Yellow Variegated Sedge Grass- 4"4
Carex penslyvanica-1gOak Sedge- 1 gal3
Carex penslyvanica- 4"Oak Sedge- 4"17
Carex testacea- 1 galOrange Sedge Grass- 1 gal1
Carex testacea- 4"Orange Sedge Grass- 4"284
Carex test. 'Prairie Fire' 1galCarex testacea 'Prairie Fire' 1 gal0
Carex tumunicola- 1 galFoothill Sedge Grass- 1gal1
Chasmanthium latifolium- 1 galNorthern Sea Oats Grass- 1 gal0
Danthonia californica - 1 galDanthonia californica - California Oat Grass - 1 gallon41
Deschampsia caespitosa- 1 galTufted Hair Grass- 1 gal40
Deschampsia caespitosa- 4"Tufted Hair Grass- 4"0
Deschampsia c. 'Northern LightsNorthern Lights' Hairgrass- 4"2
Fargesia rufa- 5 galClumping Bamboo-5 gal5
Fargesia scabrida- 15galClumping Bamboo- 15 gal1
Fargesia scabrida- 5 galClumping Bamboo (8-15' tall at maturity)- 5 gal0
Festuca californica-1 galNative California Fescue- 1 gal--
Festuca 'Elijah Blue'- 1 galElijah Blue' Fescue- 1 gal38
Festuca idahoensis-1gIdaho Fescue (native)- 1g15
Festuca id. 'Stanislaus River'-Stanislaus River' Idaho Fescue- 1 gal0
Festuca roemeri- 1 galRoemer's Fescue (native)- 1 gal0
Festuca roemeri- 4"Roemer's Fescue (native)- 4"0
Festuca 'Siskiyou Blue'-1galSiskiyou Blue' Idaho Blue Fescue Grass - 1 gal4
Hakonechloa 'All Gold'- 1 galAll Gold' Japanese Forest Grass- 1 gal14
Hakonechloa 'Beni Kaze'- 1 galBeni Kaze' Japanese Forest Grass- 1 gal11
Hakonechloa mac. 'Aureola'- 1Aureola' Japanese Forest Grass- 1 gal20
Hakonechloa macra-1gGreen Japanese Forest Grass-1g20
Helictotrichon 'Sapphire'-2 galSapphire' Blue Oat Grass (Bluer, wider leaf form) 2 gal--
Helictotrichon sempervirens- 1Blue Oat Grass- 1 gal58
Helictotrichon se. 'Sapphire'-Sapphire' Blue Oat Grass- 1 gal6
Hesperaloe parviflora- 1 galRed False Yucca- 1 gal20
Juncus effusus -4"Soft Rush- 4"0
Juncus in. 'Blue Arrows'- 1gBlue Arrows' Rush - 1g--
Juncus in. 'Blue Arrows'- 4"Blue Arrows' Rush - 4"0
Juncus pat. 'Elk Blue'- 4"Elk Blue' Rush- 4"0
Juncus patens- 1galCalifornia Gray Rush- 1 gal23
Juncus patens- 4"California Grey Rush- 4"32
Liriope muscari- 1 gaLily Turf- 1gal (Includes Big and Super Blue)19
Liriope muscari- 4"Lilyturf- 4"0
Liriope muscari 'Monroe'- 1 galMonroe' White Flowered Lilyturf- 1 gal17
Liriope 'Silvery Sunproof'- 1 gSilvery Sunproof' Lilyturf- 1gal0
Liriope spicata- 4"Lilyturf- 4"12
Liriope sp. 'Silver Dragon'- 1Silver Dragon' White Variegated Lily Turf- 1 gal0
Liriope 'Variegata'- 1 galVariegata' Lilyturf (creamy variegation)- 1 gal0
Lomandra long. 'Breeze'- 1 galDwarf Mat Rush- 1gal10
Miscanthus 'Gold Breeze'- 1 galGold Breeze' Maiden Grass- 1 gal5
Miscanthus 'Gold Breeze'- 5 galGold Breeze' Maiden Grass- 5 gal0
Miscanthus 'Gracilimus'- 1 galGracilimus' Maiden Grass- 1 gal105
Miscanthus 'Gracilimus'- 5 galGracilimus' Maiden Grass- 5 gal30
Miscanthus 'Little Kitten'- 1 gLittle Kitten' Maiden Grass (dwarf)-1 gal9
Miscanthus 'Rotsilber'- 5 galRostilber' Maiden Grass (tall, red tips)- 5 gal--
Miscanthus 'Rotstilber'- 5 galRotstilber' Maiden Grass (tall, red tips)- 5 gal10
Miscanthus s. 'Adagio'- 1 galAdagio' Maiden Grass (dwarf)- 1 gal41
Miscanthus s. 'Adagio'- 2 galAdagio' Maiden Grass (dwarf)- 2gal95
Miscanthus s.'Morning Light'-1gMorning Light' Maiden Grass- 1 gal151
Miscanthus s.'Morning Light'-5gMorning Light' Maiden Grass- 5 gal56
Molinia 'Skyracer'- 1 galSkyracer' Tall Moor grass- 1 gal0
Muhlenbergia dubia- 1 galPine Muhly Grass (2' x 2')- 1 gal107
Muhlenbergia 'Fast Forward'-1gFast Forward Pink Muhly Grass - 1 gal185
Muhlenbergia rigens- 1 galDeer Grass- 1 gal6
Muhlenbergia rigens- 3 galDeer Grass- 3 gal28
Ophiopogon japonica 1 galMondo Grass- 1 gal-2
Ophiopogon Japonica nana- 1gaDwarf Mondo Grass - 1 gal0
Ophiopogon japonica nana-4"Dwarf Mondo Grass- 4"--
Ophiopogon p. 'Nigrescens' -1 gBlack Mondo Grass - 1 gal26
Panicum 'Northwind'- 1 galNorthwind' Upright Switch Grass- 1 gal--
Panicum 'Northwind'- 5 galNorthwind' Upright Switch Grass- 5 gal36
Panicum 'Shenandoah'- 1 galShenandoah' Switch Grass (red tips, 4' tall) -1 gal243
Panicum 'Shenandoah'- 5 galShenandoah' Switch Grass- 5 gal67
Panicum v. 'Heavy Metal'- 1 galHeavy Metal' Prairie Grass- 1 gal11
Pennisetum 'Burgundy Bunny'-1gBurgundy Bunny' Fountain Grass- 1 gal20
Pennisetum 'Burgundy Bunny'-2gBurgundy Bunny' Fountain Grass- 2 gal0
Pennisetum 'Hamelyn'- 1 gal"Hamelyn' Fountain Grass- 1 gal255
Pennisetum 'Little Bunny'- 1 gaLittle Bunny' Fountain Grass- 1 gal145
Pennisetum 'Little Bunny'- 2 gaLittle Bunny' Fountain Grass- 2 gal0
Pennisetum 'Moudry'- 1 galMoudry' Black flowering Fountain Grass- 1 gal17
Pennisetum o. 'Karley Rose'-1 gKarley Rose' Fountain Grass- 1 gal48
Pennisetum o. 'Karley Rose'- 5gKarley Rose' Fountain Grass- 5 gal4
Pennisetum orientale- 1 galOriental Fountain Grass- 1 gal7
Pennisetum 'Piglet'- 1 galPiglet' Fountain Grass (18" tall)-1 gal168
Phormium 'Amazing Red'- 3 galAmazing Red' New Zealand Flax- 3 gal6
Phormium 'Bronze Baby-3 galBronze Baby' New Zealand Flax- 3 gal2
Phormium 'Jack Spratt'-2 galJack Spratt' Dwarf New Zealand Flax- 2 gal4
Phormium 'Jack Spratt'- 3 galJack Spratt' Dwarf New Zealand Flax- 3 gal8
Phormium 'Maori Queen'- 2 galMaori Queen' New Zealand Flax- 2gal0
Phormium 'Platt's Black'- 3 galPlatt's Black' New Zealand Flax- 3 gal5
Phormium t. 'Rubrum' - 5 gal.Rubrum' New Zealand flax - 5 gal.0
Phormium 'Yellow Wave'- 2galYellow Wave' New Zealand Flax- 2 gal13
Phyllostachys nigra- 15 galBlack Bamboo- 15 gal (Runner)5
Phyllostachys nigra- 5 galBlack Bamboo- 5 gal5
Schizachyrium sco. 'Blaze'--1gBlaze' Little Bluestem- 1 gal177
Schizachyrium sco. 'Blaze'-2gBlaze' Little Bluestem- 2 gal--
Schizachyrium 'Shining Star'--1gShining Star' Little Bluestem- 1 gal15
Schizachyrium 'Standing OvationStanding Ovation' Little Bluestem Grass- 1 gal2
Schizachyrium 'St. Ovation-2 gaStanding Ovation' Little Bluestem Grass- 2 gal35
Sesleria 'Greenlee'- 1 galGreenlee' Sesleria Grass- 1 gal8
Stipa gigantea- 1 galGiant Stipa grass- 1 gal122
Stipa tenuissima- 1 galMexican feather grass- 1 gal1
Yucca 'Blue Sentry'- 1 galBlue Sentry' Yucca- 1 gal20
Yucca 'Color Guard'- 1 galColor Guard' Yucca- 1 gal0
Yucca 'Color Guard'- 3galColor Guard' Yucca- 3gal9
Yucca filamentosa -1 GallonCommon Yucca- 1 gal15
Yucca filamentosa - 2 GallonCommon Yucca- 2 gal10
Yucca ros. 'Sapphire Skies'-1gSapphire Skies' Yucca- 1 gal20
Yucca ros. 'Sapphire Skies'-2gSapphire Skies' Yucca- 2 gal0

Non-plant items

Bark-Deco Hemlock or Fine fir Bark7
Ceramic potsCeramic pots- mixed sizes and prices182
Deer repellant spray- 32ozDeer Stopper' repellant spray- 32.oz.9
Fertilizer- All Purpose Liquid-All Purpose Liquid Fertilizer- 32 oz.3
Greeting Cards-Greeting Cards- priced as marked16
Lane- Blueberry MulchLane- Blueberry Mulch-1 c.f.0
Lane- Veggie boost CompostLane- Veggie Boost Compost bag45
Rogue- Compost or Soil - 1 c.f.Rogue Compost or Potting Soil- bagged, 1 c.f.153
Tree guardsMesh Tree Guards14
Tree Watering Bag - 20 galTree Watering Bag - 20 gal110
Tree wrap- 50' x 3"Tree wrap- 50' x 3"-1
T-shirtsShooting Star T-shirts10
Wooden Wine BarrelsWooden Wine-Half Barrels12


Acanthus 'Summer Beauty'- 3 galSummer Beauty' Bears Breech- 3 gal18
Achillea 'Desert Eve'- 1 galDesert Eve' Yarrow- 1 gal86
Achillea millefolium- 1 gWhite Yarrow (native)- 1 g.0
Achillea millefolium- 4"White Yarrow (native)- 4"1
Achillea m. 'Terra Cotta'- 1gTerra Cotta' Yarrow- 1g17
Achillea 'New Vintage Violet'Achillea "New Vintage Violet' 1 gallon23
Achillea 'New Vintage White'Achillea 'New Vintage White' 1 gallon-2
Achillea 'Paprika'-Achillea 'Paprika'- 1 gal98
Achillea 'Red Velvet'- 1galRed Velvet' Yarrow- 1 gal12
Achillea t. 'Maynard's Gold'-1GMaynard's Gold' Woolly Yarrow-1g2
Achillea x kellereri- 1 galWhite Yarrow (8" tall)- 1 gal10
Achillea x Little Moonshine-1gLittle Moonshine' Yarrow-1g143
Achillea x 'Moonshine'- 1 galMoonshine' Yarrow- (yellow) 1 gal108
Achillea x 'Moonshine'- 2 galMoonshine' Yarrow- (yellow) 2 gal82
Aconitum napellus-1 galCommon Monkshood-1 gal0
Agapanthus 'Peter Pan'- 1Peter Pan' Lily of the Nile (dwarf purple)- 1g0
Agastache 'Blue Boa'- 1 galBlue Boa' Anise Hyssop- 1 gal96
Agastache 'Blue Fortune'-1gBlue Fortune Hyssop-1g0
Agastache 'Kudos Mandarin'- 1 gKudos Mandarin' Compact Orange Anise Hyssop- 1 gal14
Agastache 'Kudos Red'- 1 galKudos Red' Anise Hyssop- 1 gal0
Agastache 'Kudos Yellow'- 1 galKudos Yellow' Anise Hyssop- 1 gal0
Agastache 'Kudos Yellow'- 2 galKudos Yellow' Anise Hyssop- 2 gal--
Agastache 'Morello'- 1gMorello' Pink Anise Hyssop- 1g2
Agastache rupestris-2 galSunset Hyssop- 2g13
Ajuga r., Assorted- 4"Assorted Ajuga- 4"53
Alchemilla mollis- 1 galLady's Mantle- 1 gal21
Allium christophii- 1 galStar of Persia Allium- 1 gal6
Allium 'Drumstick'- 1 galDrumstick Allium- 1gal15
Allium 'Millenium'- 1 galMillenium Ornamental Onion- 1 gal or quart82
Allium 'Purple Sensation' 1 galPurple Sensation' Allium- 1 gal0
Allium schoenoprasum-1 gaChives- 1 gal0
Allium schoenoprasum - 4"Chives - 4"5
Alstroemeria assorted-8"Peruvian Lily assorted- 8"0
Amsonia 'Blue Ice'- 1 galBlue Ice' Bluestar- 1 gal--
Amsonia hubrichtii- 1 galThreadleaf Blue Star- 1 gal0
Amsonia 'Storm Cloud'-1gStorm Cloud' Blue Star-1g75
Anemone 'Honorine Jobert'- 1 gaHonorine Jobert' White Anemone- 1 gal32
Anemone 'Honorine Jobert'- 2 gaHonorine Jobert' White Anemone- 2 gal1
Anemone j. 'Whirlwind'- 1 galWhirlwind' Anemone-1 gal (Double white flower)-2
Anemone 'Sept. Charm'- 1 galSept. Charm'- Pink Anemone- 1 gal20
Aquilegia, assorted- 1Assorted Columbine- 1 gal0
Aquilegia Assorted- qtAssorted Columbine- qt0
Aquilegia 'Denver Gold'-1 gaDenver Gold' Columbine- 1 gal (Hands-down best ever yellow colored columbine)85
Aquilegia formosa- 1 galWestern Columbine (native)- 1 gal9
Aquilegia formosa- 4"Western Columbine (native)- 4"4
Aralia 'Sun King'- 2 galSun King' Aralia- 2 gal15
Arenaria montana 1gArenaria montana-1g Mountain Sandwort0
Armeria maritima- 4"Pink Sea Thrift- 4"--
Artemesia 'Valerie Finnis'- 1 gValerie Finnis' Artemesia- 1 gal0
Artemisia 'Powis Castle'- 1 galPowis Castle' Wormwood- 1 gal-1
Artemisia 'Powis Castle'- 2 galPowis Castle' Wormwood- 2 gal0
Artemisia sc. 'Silver Mound'- 1Silver Mound' Wormwood- (Mugwort) 1 gal67
Aruncus dioicus- 1 galGoats Beard- 1 gal--
Aruncus 'Misty Lace'- 1 galMisty Lace' Goatsbeard (compact)- 1 gal0
Asarum caudatum- 1 galNative Wild Ginger- 1 gal0
Asarum caudatum- 4"Native Wild Ginger- 4"-6
Asarum splendens-1 galChinese Wild Ginger-1 gal0
Asarum splendens - 4"Chinese Wild Ginger -4"18
Asclepias fascicularisNarrowleaf Butterfly Weed- 1 gal--
Asclepias fascicularis-4"Narrowleaf Butterfly Weed--4"0
Asclepias speciosa- 1 galShowy Milkweed- 1 gal1
Asclepias speciosa- 4"Showy Milkweed- 4"22
Asclepias tuberosa- 1galButterfly Milkweed (orange)- 1 gal87
Asclepias tuberosa- 4"Butterfly Milkweed- 4"0
Aster 'Avondale'-2gAster 'Avondale'-2g59
Aster fr. 'Moench'- 1 galMoench' Aster (light purple)- 1 gal29
Aster 'Grape Crush'- 1 galGrape Crush' Aster- 1 gal20
Aster 'October Skies'- 2 galOctober Skies' Aster - 2 gal22
Aster 'Purple Dome'- 1 galPurple Dome' Aster-1 gal4
Aster 'Purple Dome'- 2galPurple Dome' Aster-2 Gal22
Aster 'Raydon's Favorite'- 2 galAster 'Raydon's Favorite'- 2 gal130
Aster 'Royal Ruby'- 1 galRoyal Ruby' Aster- 1 gal (magenta)21
Aster subspicatus- 1 galDouglas Aster (native)- 1 gal9
Aster Wood's Purple or Pink- 1Wood's Purple or Pink' Aster- 1gal3
Astilbe Asst.- 1 galAstilbe, Asst. - 1 gal120
Baptisia 'Goldfinch'- 5 galAmerican Goldfinch' False Indigo (yellow)- 5 gal24
Baptisia 'Indigo Spires'-5gIndigo Spires' False Indigo- 5 gal22
Bergenia cordifolia- 1 galHeartleaf Bergenia- 1 gal5
Bergenia cordifolia'-qtHeartleaf Bergenia- qt13
Brunnera 'Diane's Gold'- 1 galBrunnera 'Diane's Gold'- 1 gal (Chartreuse foliage)9
Brunnera 'Jack Frost'- 1 galJack Frost' Brunnera- 1 gal113
Bulbs -4"Assorted Bulbs- 4"0
Callirhoe involucrata-1 galWinecups- 1 gal (Cup shapped wine-red flowers)2
Camassia leichtlinii 'Caerulea'Camass (Lavender/blue flowers) -1 gal0
Campanula 'Birch Hybrid'-4"Birch Hybrid' Groundcover bellflower-4"2
Campanula 'Dickson's Gold' -qtDickson's Gold' Campanula-qt4
Canna -4.5"Canna Lily -4.5"4
Canna, assorted- 1 galAssorted Canna- 1 gal0
Canna Lily, Asst. - 3 galCanna Lily, Asst.- 3 gal0
Catananche caerulea--1gCupid's Dart--1g(Light lavender-blue flowers)2
Centranthus r. 'Alba'-1gWhite Jupiter's Beard- 1g-1
Centranthus r. 'Coccineus-1 galRed Jupiters Beard- 1 gal1
Cerastium tomentosum- 1 galSnow in summer-1 gal35
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides -1gLeadwort or Plumbago- 1 gal0
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides -4"Leadwort or Plumbago- 4"233
Coreopsis 'Moonbeam'- 1 galMoonbeam' Tickseed (light yellow)- 1 gal54
Coreopsis 'Red Satin'- 1 galRed Satin' Tickseed- 1 gal66
Coreopsis vert. 'Zagreb'- 1 galZagreb' Tickseed (yellow)- 1 gal4
Crambe cordifolia-2gCrambe cordifolia--2g26
Crocosmia 'Emily McKenzie'- 1 gEmily McKenzie' Crocosmia- 1 gal0
Crocosmia 'George Davidson'- 4"George Davidson' Crocosmia (yellow)- 4"3
Crocosmia 'Lucifer'- 1 galLucifer' Crocosmia (red)- 1 gal124
Delosperma ashtonii 'Blut'--4"Blut' Iceplant- 4"40
Delosperma 'Delmara Yellow'--4"Delmara Yellow' Iceplant- 4"46
Delosperma 'Fire Wonder' 1gWheels of Wonder Fire Wonder' Iceplant-1g4
Delosperma 'Granita Orange'-4"Granita Orange' Iceplant- 4"1
Delosperma 'Rd. Mtn. Flame'-4"Red Mountain Flame' Iceplant- 4"59
Delphinium- 4"Assorted Delphiniums- 4"4
Dianthus 'Constant Beauty'- 4"Constant Beauty Red Hardy Carnation-4"65
Dianthus 'Firewitch'-4"Firewitch' Pinks-4"62
Dicentra f. 'Luxuriant'- 1 galLuxuriant' Bleeding Heart (dark pink)- 1 gal0
Dicentra formosa- 1 galNative Bleeding Heart- 1 gal0
Dicentra spectablis-1galBleeding Heart- 1 gal0
Dichelostemma congestum- 4"Ookow (native blue perennial)- 4"0
Digitalis, assorted- 4"Foxglove, assorted- 4"3
Digitalis 'Candy Mountain'- 1 gCandy Mountain' Foxglove- 1 gal-8
Digitalis obscura-1 galSunset Foxglove- 1 gal0
Digitalis p. , assorted -2 galAssorted Foxglove- 2 gal0
Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit'- 1Cheyenne Spirit' Coneflower (mixed colors)- 1gal41
Echinacea 'KISMET Orange '-1gKISMET Intense Orange' coneflower--1g (Improved basal braching & hardiness form)0
Echinacea 'Powwow White'- 1 galPowWow White' Coneflower- 1 gal1
Echinacea purpurea- 1 galStraight species Echinacea- 1 gal2
Echinacea 'Ruby Star- 1 galRuby Star' Coneflower- 1 gal0
Echinacea 'Sombrero Lemon'- 1Sombrero Lemon Coneflower- 1 gal0
Echinacea 'Wild Berry'- 1 galPowWow Wild Berry' Coneflower- 1 gal178
Echinops 'Blue Glow'-3 galBlue Glow' Globe Thistle- 3 gal23
Echium amoenumRed Feathers--1g103
Ensete vent. 'Maurelii'- 1 galRed Banana (needs winter protection)- 1 gal1
Epimedium pe. 'Frohnleiten'- 1Frohnleiten' Barrenwort- 1 gal or qt.22
Epimedium x rubrum- 1 galRed Bishop's Hat- 1 gal0
Epimedium y. 'Niverum'- 1 galNiveum' Barrenwort (white blooms)- 1 gal8
Erigeron gl. 'Cape Sebastian-1gCape Sebastian' Seaside Daisy- 1g (Dwarf 4-6" x 24")0
Erigeron gl. 'Wayne Roderick-1gWayne Roderick' Seaside Daisy - 1g75
Erigeron karvinskianus-1gMexican Daisy- 1g (Includes Profusion)8
Erigeron k. 'Profusion'- 4"Profusion' Mexican Daisy- 4"6
Eriogonum um. 'Kannah Creek- 1gKannah Creek' Sulphur Flower Buckwheat- 1 gal142
Eriophyllum lanatum 'Siskiyou'-Siskiyou' Oregon Sunshine (compact)- 1 gal0
Eryngium 'Big Blue'- 1 galBig Blue' Sea Holly- 1 gal0
Eupatorium 'Baby Joe'Dwarf Joe-Pye Weed--3gal44
Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow'- 1gAscot Rainbow' Euphorbia (multi colored leaves)- 1g-4
Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow'- 2gAscot Rainbow' Euphorbia (multi colored leaves)- 2g78
Euphorbia 'Bonfire'- 1 galEuphorbia 'Bonfire'- 1 gal PP1858591
Euphorbia char. 'Wulfenii'- 3gEvergreen Spurge (chartreuse blooms) - 3 Gal26
Euphorbia 'Glacier Blue'- 1 galGlacier Blue' Euphorbia- 1 gal63
Euphorbia m. 'Tiny Tim'- 1 galTiny Tim' Euphorbia- 1 gal123
Euphorbia myrsinites- 4"Donkeytail Spurge- 4"89
Euphorbia rigida- 1 galSilver spurge- 1 gal34
Fragaria chiloensis- 4"Groundcover Strawberry- 4"13
Fragaria vesca- 4"Alpine Groundcover Strawberry- 3.5"24
Gaillardia 'Arizona Sun' 1g.Gaillardia 'Arizona Sun' 1g.-14
Gaillardia 'Mesa Yellow'- 1 galMesa Yellow' Blanket Flower- 1 gal52
Galium odoratum- 4"Sweet Woodruff- 4"174
Gaura 'Belleza Dark Pink'-1gBelleza Dark Pink Wandflower-1g13
Gaura 'Belleza Dark Pink' 2 galBelleza Dark Pink Wandflower-2gal10
Gaura 'So White'- 1 galSo White' Wandflower- 1 gal74
Gaura 'So White'- 2 galSo White' Wandflower- 2 gal68
Gaura 'Sparkle White'- 2gSparkle White' Gaura- 2g5
Gaura 'Whirling Butterflies'- 2Whirling Butterflies' Gaura (white)- 2 gal3
Geranium c. 'Biokovo'- 1 galBiokovo' Hardy Geranium (light pink flowers)- 1 gal41
Geranium c. 'Karmina'- 1 galKarmina' Hardy Geranium- 1 gal144
Geranium 'Dragon Heart'- 1Dragon Heart' Geranium- 1 gal0
Geranium m. 'Bevan's Variety'-Bevan's Variety' Hardy Geranium (dark pink)- 1 gal12
Geranium 'Rozanne'- 1 galRozanne' Geranium (blue-purple)- 1 gal4
Geum 'Fire Storm'-1 galDwarf Geum (Orange)-1gal16
Helenium 'Hayday Orange' -1gHayday Orange' Golden Sneezeweed- 1 gal3
Helianthemum 'Henfield BrillianHenfield Brilliant' Orange Sunrose- 1 gal45
Helianthus'Lemon Queen'- 5 galLemon Queen' Perennial Sunflower-5 gal11
Helleborus ,assorted- 1 galAssorted Hellebore hybrids- 1 gal85
Helleborus, assorted- qtsAssorted Lenten Rose- quart1
Helleborus 'Ivory Prince'- qt.Ivory Prince' Hellebore- quart21
Hemerocallis 'Baja'- 2 galBaja' Daylily (red, rebloomer)- 2 gal1
Hemerocallis 'Hyperion'- 1 galHyperion' Daylily (tall light yellow, fragrant)- 1gal38
Hemerocallis 'Pardon Me'- 1 galPardon Me' Daylily (red, rebloomer)- 1 gal91
Hemerocallis 'Stella de Oro'- 1Daylily 'Stella de Oro' (golden yellow flowers- everblooming)- 1 gal332
Hemerocallis 'Strawberry Candy'Strawberry Candy' Daylily (pink w/ dark eyezone)- 1 gal44
Herbs, assorted- 1 galAssorted Culinary Herbs- 1 gal - Mint, Parsley, Borage3
Herbs, Asst. - 4"Assorted Culinary Herbs - 4" -Mint, Parsley, Sage, Dill15
Herniaria glabra- 4"Green Carpet Rupturewort- 4"96
Herniaria 'Sea Foam'- 4"Variegated Rupturewort--4"107
Heuchera 'Bressingham '- 1 gaBressingham Hybrid' Coral Bells- 1 gal0
Heuchera 'Bressingham Hybrid'-Bressingham Hybrid' Coral Bells- 4"117
Heuchera 'Georgia Peach'-1galGeorgia Peach' Hybrid Coral Bell-1gal61
Heuchera 'Lime Marmalade'- 1 gaLime Marmalade' Coral Bells- 1gal36
Heuchera micrantha-1 galAlum root (native)- 1 gal0
Heuchera 'Obsidian'- 1 galObsidian' Coral Bells- 1 gal102
Heuchera 'Palace Purple'- 1 galPalace Purple' Coral Bells- 1 gal13
Heuchera 'Paris'- 1 gal'Paris' Coral Bells (green leaf, dark pink long blooming flowers)- 1 gal95
Heuchera 'Southern Comfort'Heuchera 'Southern Comfort'-1g0
Hosta, Assorted - 1 galHosta, Asst - 1 gal40
Hypericum calcynium- 4"St. John's Wort- 4"17
Hypericum calycinum- 1 galSt. John's Wort- 1 gal0
Hypericum in. 'Magical Midnight Glow'- 1 galMagical Midnight Glow' St. Johns Wort with berries- 1 gal12
Iberis semperviren - 1 Gal"Fischbeck" - I Gal0
Iberis semperviren - 4""Snowsation, Purity" - 4 "-1
Iris ampliflora 'Ming Treasure'--1gIris ampliflora 'Ming Treasure'--1g29
Iris (Bearded) - 1 galAssorted Bearded Iris - 1 gal or qt.83
Iris chrysophylla- 1 galYellowleaf Iris (native)- 1 gal0
Iris douglasiana- 1 galDouglas Native Iris- 1 gal7
Iris douglasiana - 4"Douglas Iris -4"10
Iris ensata- 1 galAssorted Japanese Water Iris- 1gal-1
Iris PCI hybrids-1gPacific Coast Iris (native)- 1g5
Iris PCI hybrids-4"Pacific Coast Iris (native)-4 "3
Iris s. 'Caesar's Brother'-1galCaesar's Brother Siberian Iris (dark purple)-1gal193
Iris s. 'Swans in Flight'- 1 gSwans in Flight' Siberian Iris- 1 gal - white75
Iris tenax, assorted- 1 galOregon Iris (native)-1 gal19
Isotoma fluviatilis alba-4"Isotoma-White Star Creeper-4"41
Kniphofia 'Fire Dance'-2gFire Dance' Compact Red Hot Poker-2 gal5
Kniphofia 'Flamenco'- 1Flamenco' Red Hot Poker- 1 gal85
Kniphofia 'Poco Red'- 1galPoco Red' Red Hot Poker- 1 gal0
Kniphofia uvaria- 4"Flamenco' Red Hot Poker- 4"0
Leptinella squalida- 4"Brass buttons- 4"3
Leucanthemum , assorted-1 galAssorted Shasta Daisy-1 gal185
Lewisia cotyledon- 1 galLewisia- 1 gal4
Lewisia Sunset Strain- 4"Lewisia 'Sunset Strain' or 'Rainbow Mix'- 4"4
Liatris spicata- 1 galGayfeather- 1 gal69
Lilium parryi- 1 galLemon Lily (CA native)- 1 gal0
Lilium parvum- 4"Sierra tiger lily (CA native) -4"0
Limonium 'Blue Diamond'-1gBlue Diamond' Statice-1g (Lavender-blue flowers)0
Limonium 'Dazzle Rocks'-1gDazzle Rocks Statice-1g8
Lithodora 'Grace Ward'- 1 galGrace Ward' Lithodora- 1 gal0
Lithodora 'Grace Ward'-4"Grace Ward' Lithodora-4"0
Lobelia s. 'Starship''- 1 galStarship' Cardinal Flower- 1 gal (Scarlet Bronze Leaf)13
Lupinus assorted- 4"Assorted Lupine- 4"0
Lupinus polyphyllus- 1 galBigleaf Lupine (native)- 1 gal0
Lupinus polyphyllus- 4"Bigleaf Lupine (native)- 4"0
Lysimachia nummularia-4"Green Creeping Jenny- 4"0
Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea'4"Golden Creeping Jenny- Aurea or Goldilocks 4"9
Marrubium rotundifolium-1gSilverheels Horehound-1g (Soft silvery mouse-ear like leaves)0
Mentha, edible- 4"Assorted Edible Mint- 4"10
Mentha requienii- 4"Corsican Mint- 4"0
Monarda, assorted- 1galAssorted Bee Balm- 1 gal80
Monarda 'Jacob Cline'- 2galJacob Cline Bee Balm- 2 gal (Red flower)64
Monardella 'Marian Sampson'-4"Marian Sampson' Hummingbird Trumpet Mint--4"78
Monardella 'Russian River'-1gRussian River Coyote Mint-1g109
Musa basjoo- 1 galHardy Banana- 1gal3
Nepeta 'Blue Prelude'- 1GBlue Prelude' Catmint- 1g17
Nepeta 'Cat's Pajama's'-1gCat's Pajama's' Catmint (14" tall)- 1g327
Nepeta f. 'Walker's Low'- 1 galWalker's Low' Catmint (2-3' tall)- 1 gal313
Nepeta f. 'Walker's Low'- 2 galWalker's Low' Catmint (2-3' tall)- 2 gal97
Nepeta 'Junior Walker'- 1 galJunior Walker' Catmint (18" tall) - 1 gal0
Nepeta 'Little Trudy'- 1 galLittle Trudy' Dwarf Catmint' - 1 gal36
Nepeta 'Purple Haze'- 1gPurple Haze' Low & Spreading Catmint (8" tall) - 1 gal229
Oenothera 'Silver Blade'-1gSilver Blade' Evening Primrose- 1 gal48
Oenothera 'Silver Blade'-2gSilver Blade' Evening Primrose- 2 gal0
Omphalades cappadoccica - 1galNavelwort (western native), xera - 1gal0
Opuntia cacanapa 'Ellisiana'-2gSpineless Prickly Pear-2g42
Origanum assorted 4"Assorted Edible Oregano- 4"57
Origanum 'Golden' -1gGolden Oregano 1g9
Origanum 'Golden' -4"Golden Oregano - 4"0
Origanum 'Kent Beauty'- 4"Kent Beauty' Oregano- 4"169
Origanum l. 'Hopley's Purple'-1Hopley's Purple' Oregano- 1 gal8
Origanum vulgare hirtum -1gOregano- 1g0
Pachysandra te.- 4"Pachysandra- 4"22
Pachysandra 'Variegata'- 4"Variegated Pachysandra- 4"26
Paeonia 'Bartzella'-2galBartzella' Itoh Peony (yellow)-2gal1
Paeonia 'Coral Charm'- 2 galCoral Charm' Peony- 2 gal29
Paeonia 'Coral Sunset'-2gCoral Sunset Peony-2g31
Paeonia 'Felix Crousse' -2gFelix Crousse Peony -2g (Double carmine-red flowers).7
Paeonia 'Festiva Maxima'-2galFestiva Maxima' (white with red flecks) Peony-2gal62
Paeonia 'Honey Gold' 2 galHoney Gold Peony- 2 gal--
Paeonia Itoh Assorted-2 galAssorted Itoh Hybrid Peony- 2 gal0
Paeonia 'Karl Rosenfield'-2galKarl Rosenfield' Peony (ruffled red)-2gal0
Paeonia 'Moon of Nippon'-2galMoon of Nippon' Peony (white with large yellow stamens) -2gal98
Paeonia 'Paula Fay'-2 galPaula Fay Peony (Hot Pink)-2 gal0
Paeonia 'Rubra Plena'- 2 galRubra Plena' Peony- 2 gal6
Paeonia 'Sarah Bernhardt' -2gSarah Bernhardt Peony -2g (Fragrant double pink flowers).18
Papaver orientale 'Brilliant'-Brilliant' Oriental Poppy (red) - 1 gal7
Penstemon eatonii-1 gaFirecracker Penstemon (native)- 1 gal0
Penstemon 'Enor'-1 galEnor' Penstemon (dark purple)-1 gal0
Penstemon h. 'Margarita Bop'-1Margarita Bop' Penstemon (blues to lavenders) -1 gal-1
Penstemon 'Margarita Bop'-4"Margarita Bop' Penstemon (blues to lavenders) -4"0
Penstemon 'Pike's Peak Purple'-Pike's Peak Purple' Penstemon- 1 gal2
Penstemon pin. 'Half Pint'-1gHalf Pint' Penstemon-1g48
Penstemon pinifolius- 1 galPineleaf Penstemon (orange)- 1 gal129
Penstemon pin. Mersea Yellow-1Mersea Yellow' Pineleaf Penstemon- 1 gal182
Penstemon 'Red Rocks' - 1galRed Rocks' Beard Tongue (medium pink with white throat)- 1 gal38
Penstemon strictus- 1gRocky Mountain Penstemon-1g110
Penstemon strictus- 4"Rocky Mountain Penstemon- 4"0
Penstemon 'Sunset Glow'-1gSteppe Suns Sunset Glow' Penstemon-1g1
Perovskia atriplicifolia- 1 galRussian Blue Sage- 1 gal101
Perovskia atriplicifolia- 5galRussian Blue Sage- 5 gal10
Perovskia 'Blue Steel'-1gBlue Steel Dwarf Russian Sage-1gal0
Perovskia 'Little Spire'- 1 galLittle Spire' Compact Blue Russian Sage- 1 gal44
Phlomis frut. 'Edward Bowles'-Edward Bowles' Jerusalem Sage- 2 gal-2
Phlox subulata- 4"Assorted Creeping Phlox- 4"1
Phygelius, assorted- 1 galCape Fuchsia - 1 gal0
Polemonium 'Stairway...' -1Stairway to Heaven' Creeping Jacob's Ladder - 1 gal17
Polygonatum 'Variegatum'-1galVariegated Japanese Soloman's Seal-1gal4
Potentilla gracilis- 4"Fivefinger Cinquefoil (native)- 4"15
Potentilla nep. 'Miss Willmott'Miss Willmott' cinquefoil (cherry pink)- 1 gal3
Potentilla neumanniana-4"Groundcover Yellow Potentilla- 4"28
Pratia fluviatilis- 4"Blue Star Creeper- 4"55
Pratia ped. 'Alba'- 4"White Star Creeper- 4"0
Pratia ped. 'County Park'-4"County Park' Blue Star Creeper (dark blue)- 4"41
Pratia pub. 'Little Whitestar'-Little Whitestar' Alpine Creeper- 4"-1
Prostanthera cuneata-1 galAlpine Mint bush - 1 gal13
Pterocephalus depressus'-1 galMoroccan Pincushion-1 gal (evergreen carpet w/ dusty rose pincushion flowers)6
Pterocephalus depressus - 4"Moroccan Pincushion-1 gal (evergreen carpet w/ dusty rose pincushion flowers)37
Pulmonaria, assorted- 1 galAssorted Lungwort (cobalt blue)- 1 gal9
Pulsatilla assorted- 4"Assorted Pasque Flower- 4"0
Pulsatilla vulgaris- 1gPasque Flower- 1 gal32
Ratibida columnifera- 1 galRed Mexican Hat Coneflower- 1 gal0
Rhodanthemum hosmariense- 1 galMoroccan Daisy- 1 gal0
Rubus calycinoides- 1 galCreeping bramble- 1 gal141
Rubus calycinoides- 4"Creeping Bramble- 4"53
Rudbeckia 'Goldstrum'- 1 galGoldstrum' Black Eyed Susan- 1 gal140
Rudbeckia 'Irish Eyes'- 1 galIrish Eyes' Black Eyed Susan- 1 gal67
Rudbeckia 'Little Henry'Little Henry' Black Eyed Susan-2g0
Rudbeckia occidentale- 1galWestern Rudbeckia (Native)- 1 gal3
Sagina subulata- 4"Irish Moss- 4"0
Salvia g. 'Black 'N Blue- 1 galBlack 'N Blue'Autumn Sage- 1 gal24
Salvia g. 'Blue Note'-1gBlue Note' Autumn Sage- 1 gal (Deep blue purple flowers)145
Salvia g. 'Purple Majesty'- 1 gPurple Majesty' Sage (up to 4-5' tall)- 1 gal3
Salvia g. 'Radio Red'- 1 galRadio Red' Autumn Sage- 1 gal (True Red Flower)105
Salvia g. 'Radio Red'- 2 galRadio Red' Autumn Sage- 2gal (True Red Flower)48
Salvia 'Heatwave Glimmer' 1gSalvia m. 'Heatwave Glimmer' - 1 gal - (White w/ pink blush)46
Salvia 'Heatwave Glimmer' 2gSalvia m. 'Heatwave Glimmer' - 2 gal - (White w/ pink blush)33
Salvia 'Hot Lips'- 1 gaHot Lips' Sage- 1 gal0
Salvia 'Mirage Cherry Red'- 1gMirage Cherry Red' Sage- 1g1
Salvia 'Mirage Violet'-1gMirage Violet' Autumn Sage- 1 gal (Dark true purple)125
Salvia m. 'Wild Watermelon'Wild Watermelon' Sage- 1 gal2
Salvia n. 'Caradonna'- 1 galPurple Upright Sage- 1 gal175
Salvia n. 'Dark Matter'- 1 galExtra Dark Purple Upright Sage- 1 gal80
Salvia n. 'Marcus'- 1 galMarcus' Dwarf Sage (purple, 10" tall)- 1 gal235
Salvia n. 'Rose Marvel'- 1Rose Marvel'' Pink Sage- 1 gal0
Salvia 'Nuevo Leon'- 1 galNuevo Leon' Purple Autumn Sage- 1 gal5
Salvia off. 'Berggarten'- 1 galBerggarten' Sage- 1 gal2
Salvia off. 'Berggarten'-4.5"Berggarten' Sage-4.5"0
Salvia off. 'Robert Grimm'-1gRobert Grimm' Dwarf Culinary Sage- 1 gal7
Salvia off. 'Tricolor'-4"Tricolor' Edible Sage-4"1
Salvia pachyphylla-1gMojave Sage- 1 gal (Aromatic silver-green leaves. Evergreen.)53
Salvia rep 'Autumn Sapphire'-1gAutumn Sapphire Sage- 1 gal90
Salvia 'Ultra Violet' - 1 galUltra Violet' Sage - 1 gal20
Salvia 'Windwalker'- 2 galWindwalker' Sage- 2 gal (Blood red flowers)55
Salvia x 'Bees Bliss'- 1gBees Bliss' Sage- 1 g.0
Salvia x 'Mesa Azure'- 1 galMesa Azure' microphylla Sage (purple flowers)- 1gal0
Saponaria ocymoides - 4"Soapwort - 4 "0
Scabiosa col. 'Butterfly Blue'-Butterfly Blue' Pincushion Flower- 1 gal133
Scabiosa 'Flutter White'- 1galFlutter White' Pincushion Flower- 1 gal33
Schizostylis coccinea- 1 galAssorted Kaffir Lily- 1 gal27
Sedum, assorted- 3-1/2"Assorted Sedums- 3-1/2"212
Sedum 'Little Miss Sunshine'-1gLittle Miss Sunshine' Stonecrop groundcover (Yellow)-1 gal3
Sedum spec. 'Autumn Fire'- 1 gaUpright Sedum 'Autumn Fire'- 1 gal0
Sedum spec. 'Autumn Joy'- 1 galAutumn Joy Sedum- 1 gal0
Sedum x 'Mr. Goodbud'-1galMr. Goodbud' Upright Autumn Stonecrop (dark pink/magenta) -1gal-3
Sedum x 'Mr. Goodbud'-2galMr. Goodbud' Upright Autumn Stonecrop (dark pink/magenta) -2 gal--
Sempervivum- 1 galAssorted Hens and Chicks- 1gal12
Sempervivum assorted-4"Assorted Hen and Chicks-4"158
Sempervivum 'Gold Nugget'--1gGold Nugget Hen and Chicks- 1 gal18
Sidalcea cusickii- 1 galCusick's Checkermallow (native)- 1 gal5
Silene 'Druett's Variegated-1gVariegated Catch fly- 1g12
Silene 'Druett's Variegated'-4"Variegated Catch fly- 4"6
Sisyrinchium californicum 1 galYellow Eyed Grass (CA native)- 1 gal4
Sisyrinchium californicum 4"Yellow Eyed Grass- 4"46
Sisyrinchium idahoensis-4"Blue Eyed Grass- 4"0
Sisyrinchrium idahoensis- 1 galNative Purple Eyed Grass- 1 gal0
Solidago c. 'Baby Gold'- 1 galBaby Gold' Compact Goldenrod- 1 gal0
Solidago 'Little Lemon'-1gLittle Lemon' Goldenrod-1g48
Solidaster l. 'Lemore'- 1 galLemore' Goldenrod- 1 gal1
Stachys b. 'Silver Carpet'-1gSilver Carpet' Lamb's Ear (smaller leaves)-1g0
Stachys 'Helen Von Stein'-1galHelen Von Stein' Lambs Ear-1 gal27
Stachys lavandulifolia- 1 galPink Cotton Lamb's Ear- 1 gal0
Teucrium aroanium- 1 galGray Creeping Germander (6" tall)- 1 gal2
Teucrium chamaedrys- 1 galWall Germander- 1 gal143
Teucrium cossonii- 1 galLow Creeping Germander, xera- 1 gal--
Teucrium c. 'Prostrata'- 1 gProstrate' Creeping Germander- 1 gal--
Teucrium c. 'Prostrata'- 4"Prostrate' Creeping Germander- 4"0
Teucrium c. ‘Summer Sunshine'1g‘Summer Sunshine’ Germander-1g35
Thalictrum 'Black Stockings'-1gBlack Stockings' Meadow Rue- 1 gal0
Thermopsis gracilis- 1 gaGoldenbanner (native)- 1 gal0
Thymus citrodorus- 1 galLemon Thyme- 1 gal0
Thymus 'Lime'- 4.5"Lime' Edible Thyme- 4.5"0
Thymus p. 'Pink Chintz'- 4"Pink Chintz' Creeping Thyme- 4"98
Thymus pr. 'Nutmeg'- 4"Nutmeg' Creeping Thyme (scented)- 4"--
Thymus pseudolanuginosus- 4"Woolly Thyme- 4"169
Thymus ser. 'Alba'- 4"White Creeping Thyme- 4"36
Thymus ser. 'Coccineus'-Red Creeping Thyme- 4"307
Thymus ser. 'Elfin'-4"Elfin' Creeping Thyme- 4"252
Thymus vulgaris- 1 galEnglish Thyme- 1 gal1
Thymus vulgaris- 4"English or French Thyme- 4"0
Thymus vul. 'Silver Posie'- 4"Silver Thyme- 4 "0
Thymus x citriodorus- 4"Lemon Thyme-4" (Reg. & Archer's Gold)25
Triteleia l. Queen Fabiola'- 4"Queen Fabiola' Ithuriel's Spear (deep blue/purple)- 4"10
Verbena bonariensisUpright Verbena- 1 gal16
Verbena bon. 'Lollipop'- qtLollipop' compact Upright Verbena-qt0
Verbena 'Homestead Purple'- 1 gHomestead Purple' Verbena- 1 gal30
Verbena 'Homestead Purple'- 4"Homestead Purple' Verbena- 4"97
Verbena 'Homestead Red'- 4"Homestead Red' Verbena- 4"19
Veronica 'Georgia Blue'- 1 galGeorgia Blue' Speedwell- 1 gal0
Veronica 'Georgia Blue'- 4"Georgia Blue' Veronica- 4"474
Veronica pectinata- 1gWooly Speedwell-1g--
Veronica pectinata- 4"Wooly Speedwell-4"195
Veronica 'Snowmass'- 1gSnowmass' Blue Eyed Speedwell--1g6
Veronica 'Snowmass'- 4"Snowmass' Blue Eyed Speedwell-4"98
Veronica spicata, assorted- 1 gSpiked Speedwell- 1 gal8
Veronica spicata- qtUpright Veronica- qt10
Veronica 'Waterperry Blue'- 1 gWaterperry Blue' Veronica- 1 gal8
Veronica 'Waterperry Blue'- 4"Waterperry Blue' Speedwell- 4"15
Veronica 'Whitewater'- 1gWhitewater' Speedwell- 1g2
Veronica 'Whitewater'- 4"Whitewater' Speedwell- 4"218
Vinca 'Illumination'-4"Illumination' Vinca- 4"36
Vinca minor 'Bowles'- 1 galBowles' Blue Periwinkle- 1 gal4
Vinca minor 'Bowles'- 4"Bowles' Blue Periwinkle- 4"551
Zauschneria californica-1 galCalifornia Fuchsia (Epilobium canum)- 1 gal109
Zauschneria 'Calistoga'- 1galCalistoga' California Fuchsia- 1 gal53
Zauschneria 'Everett's'- 1 galEverett's Choice'- California Fuchsia-1 gal138
Zauschneria garrettii- 1g.Orange Carpet' California Fuchsia- 1g.6
Zauschneria 'Sierra Salmon'- 1SIerra Salmon' California Fuchsia- 1 gal52
Zinnia grandiflora-4"Zinnia grandiflora-4"204


Abelia 'Francis Mason'- 2 galFrancis Mason' Compact Abelia- 2 gal3
Abelia 'Francis Mason'- 5 galFrancis Mason' Compact Abelia- 5 gal5
Abelia g. "Ed Goucher" - 1 galEdward Goucher' Abelia- i gal0
Abelia g. 'Ed Goucher'- 5 gEdward Goucher' Abelia- 5 g--
Abelia grandiflora- 5 galGlossy Abelia- 5gal4
Abelia 'Kaleidescope'- 1 galKaleidescope' Abelia- 1 gal0
Abelia 'Kaleidescope'- 2 galKaleidescope' Abelia -2 gal2
Abelia 'Kaleidescope'- 5 galKaleidescope' Abelia- 5 gal14
Abelia 'Radiance'- 5 galRadiance' Abelia PP#21929- 5 gal2
Abelia 'Rose Creek'- 1 galRose Creek' Compact Abelia- 1 gal1
Abelia 'Rose Creek'- 5 galRose Creek' Compact Abelia- 5 gal36
Amelanchier alnifolia- 1 galWestern Serviceberry (native)- 1 gal-1
Amelanchier alnifolia- 5 gaWestern Serviceberry (native)- 5 gal--
Arbutus unedo compacta-15 galCompact Strawberry tree, shrub form- 15 gal0
Arbutus unedo compacta- 5 galCompact Strawberry Tree- 5 gal19
Arctostaphylos 'Austin Gr.'-1gAustin Griffiths' Manzanita- 1 gal105
Arctostaphylosd. 'Lutsko's PinkLutsko's Pink' densiflora Manzanita- 1 gal12
Arctostaphylos 'H. McMinn'-15gHoward McMinn' Manzanita-15g0
Arctostaphylos 'H. McMinn'-3 gaHoward McMinn' Manzanita- 3 gal0
Arctostaphylos 'Howard McMinnHoward McMinn' Manzanita- 5 gal26
Arctostaphylos 'Howard McMinn'-Howard McMinn' Manzanita- 1 gal22
Arctostaphylos John Dourley- 1John Dourley' Manzanita- 1 gal32
Arctostaphylos Louis Edmonds-5gLouis Edmonds' Manzanita-5 gal19
Arctostaphylos m. 'Dr.Hurd'- 1Dr. Hurd' Manzanita - 1 gal38
Arctostaphylos m. 'Dr. Hurd'15Dr. Hurd' Manzanita- 15 gal4
Arctostaphylos 'Pacific Mist'Pacific Mist' Manzanita - 1 gal95
Arctostaphylos 'Pacific Mist' 3Pacific Mist' Manzanita- 3 gal0
Arctostaphylos 'Pacific Mist' 5Pacific Mist' Manzanita- 5 gal63
Arctostaphylos 'Sentinel' -1Sentinel' Manzanita - 1gal81
Arctostaphylos 'Sentinel' -2Sentinel' Manzanita - 2 gal0
Arctostaphylos 'Sunset'- 3 or 5 galSunset' Manzanita- 3 or 5 gal17
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi 'Mass.'Massachusetts' Kinnickinnick- 1 gal537
Arctostaphylos 'White Lanterns'--5gWhite Lanterns' Compact Manzanita- 5 gal24
Arctostap. 'White Lanterns'-1gWhite Lanterns' Compact Manzanita- 1 gal6
Aronia ' Morton Iroquois'- 3 gaMorton Iroquois' compact Chokeberry- 3 gal1
Artemisia tridentata- 1 galBig Sagebrush (native)- 1 gal0
Aucuba japonica, assorted 3 galAssorted Aucuba- 3 gal2
Azalea, assorted- 1 galAssorted Evergreen Azalea- 1 gal33
Azalea- assorted- 2 galAssorted Evergreen Azalea- 2 gal25
Azalea, assorted- 3 galAssorted Evergreen Azalea- 3 gal14
Azalea, assorted- 5 galAssorted Evergreen Azaleas- 5 gal1
Azalea, Exbury- 1 galExbury Sun Azalea, assorted- 1 gal0
Baccharis pilularis- 1 galCoyote Brush- 1 gal-9
Baccharis pilularis - 2 galTwin Peaks' Coyote Brush- 2 gal12
Baccharis p. 'Twin Peaks''-1 gPigeon Point' Compact Coyote Bush- 1 gal21
Berberis 'Admiration'- 2 galAdmiration' Barberry- 2 gal0
Berberis 'Atropurpurea'- 5 galAtropurpurea' Purple Leaf Barberry-5 gal7
Berberis Bonanza Gold™- 1 galDwarf Golden Barberry- 1 gal0
Berberis buxifolia nana- 3 galDwarf Boxleaf Barberry- 3 gal3
Berberis 'Concorde'- 1 galConcorde' Barberry (2'x3')- 1 gal0
Berberis 'Concorde'- 3 galConcorde' Barberry- 3 gal20
Berberis 'Crimson Pygmy'- 1 galCrimson Pygmy' Barberry- 1 gal19
Berberis 'Crimson Pygmy'- 2 galCrimson Pygmy' Barberry- 2 gal2
Berberis 'Crimson Pygmy'- 5 galCrimson Pygmy' Barberry- 3 or 5 gal8
Berberis f. 'Amstelveen'- 5 galAmstelveen' Evergreen Barberry- 5 gal1
Berberis 'Orange Rocket'- 3 galOrange Rocket' Barberry- 3 gal3
Berberis 'Orange Rocket'- 5 galOrange Rocket' Barberry- 5 gal7
Berberis 'Rosy Glow'- 1 galRosy Glow' Barberry- 1 gal2
Berberis 'Rosy Glow'- 2 galRosy Glow' Barberry- 2 gal0
Berberis 'Rosy Glow'- 3 galRosy Glow' Barberry- 3 gal2
Berberis 'Rosy Glow'- 5 galRosy Glow' Barberry- 5 gal13
Berberis Royal Burgundy™- 1 gaRoyal Burgundy™ 'Gentry' Compact Red Barberry- 1gal7
Berberis 'Royal Burgundy'- 3 gRoyal Burgundy' Compact Red Barberry- 3 gal0
Berberis 'William Penn'- 1 galWilliam Penn' Evergreen Barberry (yellow flowers)- 1 gal0
Berberis 'William Penn'- 3 galWilliam Penn' Evergreen Barberry (yellow flowers)- 3 gal12
Berberis 'William Penn'- 5 galWilliam Penn' Evergreen Barberry (yellow flowers)- 5 gal0
Buddleia 'Black Knight'- 5 galBlack Knight' Butterfly Bush (dark purple)- 5 gal31
Buddleia 'Buzz Midnight Lavender'- 2 galBuzz Midnight Lavender' Compact Butterfly Bush- 2 gal21
Buddleia d. 'Petite Indigo'- 3Dwarf Butterfly Bush- 3 gal1
Buddleia globosa- 1 galOrange Butterfly Bush- 1 gal0
Buddleia 'Lavender Cupcake'-3gLavender Cupcake' Butterfly Bush- 3 gal8
Buddleia 'Leah Blue'-2gBuddleia 'Leah Blue''-2g79
Buxus - assorted topiary shapesGreen Mountain' Boxwood- assorted cones and globes, price as marked-16
Buxus 'Dee Runk'- 1 galDee Runk' Columnar Boxwood- 1gal2
Buxus 'Graham Blandy'- 30"Graham Blandy' Columnar Boxwood- -30"0
Buxus 'Graham Blandy'- 3-4'Graham Blandy' Colulmnar Boxwood- 3-4'1
Buxus 'Graham Blandy'- 4-5'Graham Blandy' Columnar Boxwood- 4-5' tall5
Buxus 'Graham Blandy'- 5 galGraham Blandy' Columnar Boxwood- 5 gal,6
Buxus 'Green Beauty'- 1 galGreen Beauty' Boxwood- 1 gal0
Buxus 'Green Beauty'- 2 galGreen Beauty' Boxwood- 2 gal1
Buxus 'Green Beauty'- 3 galGreen Beauty' Boxwood- 3 gal0
Buxus 'Green Gem'- 3 gal.Buxus 'Green Gem'-3 gal20
Buxus 'Green Mountain'-2 galGreen Mountain' Boxwood- 2 gal15
Buxus 'Green Velvet' -3 galGreen Velvet' Boxwood- 3 gal22
Buxus 'Green Velvet' -5 galGreen Velvet' Boxwood- 5 gal0
Buxus j. 'Green Beauty'- 5 galGreen Beauty' Boxwood- 5 gal7
Buxus semp.- 3' spiralSpiraled Topiary English Boxwood- 3'-4'1
Buxus semp.- 3 tiered3-Tiered English Boxwood- 10 gal, 4' tall1
Buxus s. 'Green Pillar'- 4'Green Pillar' Columnar Boxwood- 4'1
Buxus s. 'Suffruticosa'- 1 galDwarf English Boxwood- 1 gal28
Buxus s. 'Suffruticosa'- 3 galDwarf English Boxwood- 3 gal0
Buxus s. 'Suffruticosa'- 5 galDwarf English Boxwood- 5 gal19
Buxus s. 'Suffruticosa'- 7-10gDwarf English Boxwood- 7 or 10 gal3
Buxus s. 'Variegata'- 15-18"Variegated Boxwood- 15-18"2
Buxus s. 'Variegata'- 2 galVariegated Boxwood- 2 gal15
Buxus s. 'Variegata'- 5 galVariegated Boxwood- 5 gal0
Buxus 'Tide Hill'- 2 gaTide Hill' Low growing Boxwood (15"T x 4'W at maturity)- 2 gal3
Buxus 'Wintergem'- 2 galWintergem' Boxwood- 2 gal1
Callicarpa 'Profusion'- 3 galProfusion' Beautyberry (purple berries)-3 gal6
Callicarpa 'Profusion'- 5 galProfusion' Beautyberry (purple berries)- 5 gal6
Callistemon 'Small Hairy One'-Small Hairy One' Bottlebrush (yellow blooms), - 5 gal-3
Callistemon 'Woodlanders Red'-Woodlanders Hardy Red' Bottlebrush, - 5 gal30
Calluna 'Firefly'- 1 galFirefly' Heather- 1 gal-3
Calluna vulgaris- assorted, 1 gAssorted Heather- 1 gal21
Calluna vulgaris- assorted-4"Assorted Heather- 4"45
Calluna vulgaris-assorted QuartAssorted Heather- Quart2
Calycanthus occidentalis- 1 galNative Spice Bush- 1 gal0
Calycanthus occidentalis-5 galNative Spice Bush- 5 gal0
Camellia- 10 galAssorted Camellias- 10 gal2
Camellia- 5 gal, espalieredAssorted Espaliered Camellias- 5 gal3
Camellia, assorted.- 3 galAssorted Camellia- 3 gal21
Camellia, assorted- 5 galAssorted Named Variety Camellia- 5 gal3
Carpenteria c. 'Elizabeth'- 5gElizabeth' Bush Anenome- 5 gal11
Caryopteris 'Dark Knight'- 1 gaDark Knight' Bluebeard- 1 gal0
Caryopteris 'Dark Knight'- 5 gaDark Knight' Bluebeard- 5 gal6
Ceanothus ' Blue Jeans'- 1 galBlue Jeans' Ceanothus (more deer resistant, xera) - 1 gal0
Ceanothus 'Blue Jeans'- 5 galBlue Jeans' Ceanothus (more deer resistant, xera)- 5 gal57
Ceanothus cuneatus- 1 galBuckbrush (native)- 1 gal14
Ceanothus cuneatus-3 galBuckbrush (native)- 3 gal13
Ceanothus cuneatus 'Snowball'-Snowball' Buckbrush (native, lower growing )- 1 gal4
Ceanothus 'Dark Star'- 5 galDark Star' California Lilac- 5 gal6
Ceanothus g. 'Emily Brown'- 1gEmily Brown' Ceanothus (more deer resistant, 3'x 8') xera- 1 gal0
Ceanothus g. 'Emily Brown'- 5 gEmily Brown' Ceanothus (more deer resistant, 3 x 8') xera- 5 gal28
Ceanothus g. 'Pt. Reyes'- 1 galPoint Reyes' Groundcover Ceanothus- 1 gal20
Ceanothus integerrimus- 1 galDeer brush Ceanothus (native)- 1 gal1
Ceanothus sanguineus- 1 galRed stem Ceanothus (native)- 1 gal14
Ceanothus thrysiflorus- 1 galNative Ceanothus- 1 gal0
Ceanothus thrysiflorus- 3 galNative Ceanothus- 3 gal2
Ceanothus t. 'Repens'- 2 galRepens' Groundcover Ceanothus- 2 gal0
Ceanothus t. 'Skylark'-1 galSkylark' Ceanothus (native)- 1 gal0
Ceanothus 'Victoria'- 5 galVictoria' California Lilac- 5 gal7
Cephalotaxus 'Duke's Garden- 10Duke's Garden' Japanese Plum Yew- 10 gal0
Cephalotaxus h.'Duke Gardens'-2Duke Gardens' Japanese Plum Yew (2-4' tall & wide, d.r.)- 2 gal0
Cephalotaxus h.'Duke Gardens'-5Duke Gardens' Japanese Plum Yew- 5gal8
Cephalotaxus h. 'Fastigiata'-10Fastigate' Japanese Plum Yew- 10 gal4
Cercocarpus ledifolius- 1 galCurl leaf Mountain Mahogany (native)- 1 gal4
Chaenomeles speciosa 'Cameo'-5gCameo' Flowering Quince (peach)- 5 gal0
Chaenomeles 'Texas Scarlet'- 5Texas Scarlet' Flowering Quince (red)- 5 gal0
Chamaecyparis l. 'Duncanii'- 2gDuncanii Dwarf Lawson Cypress (2' x 2' at maturity)- 2 gal0
Chamaecyparis p.f. 'Sungold- 2gSungold' Threadleaf Cypress- 2 gal0
Choisya 'Aztec Pearl'-2 galAztec Pearl' Mexican Orange - 2 gal-1
Choisya 'Aztec Pearl'-3 galAztec Pearl' Mexican Orange-3 gal22
Choisya 'Aztec Pearl'-5 galAztec Pearl' Mexican Orange- 5 gal26
Choisya ternata- 2 galMexican Orange- 2 gal0
Choisya ternata- 3 galMexican Orange- 3 gal18
Choisya ternata- 5 galMexican Orange- 5 gal20
Choisya x 'Goldstone'- 3 galGoldstone' Mexican Orange- 3 gal8
Cistus 'Blanche'- 1 galBlanche' Rockrose- 1 gal0
Cistus corbariensis- 1galWhite Rockrose- 1 gal0
Cistus corbariensis- 3 galWhite Rockrose- 3 gal3
Cistus corbariensis- 5 galWhite Rockrose- 3 or 5 gal2
Cistus 'Gordon Cooper- 1 gGordon Cooper Rockrose- 1 gal (2' x 6')0
Cistus 'Gordon Cooper- 5gGordon Cooper Rockrose- 5 gal (2' x 6')2
Cistus 'Grayswood Pink'- 1 galGrayswood Pink' Rockrose- 1 gal11
Cistus ladanifer maculatus- 1 gCrimson Spot Rockrose- 1 gal57
Cistus ladanifer maculatus-5galCrimson Spot Rockrose- 5 gal0
Cistus purpureus- 1 galOrchid Rockrose (reddish purple)- 1 gal--
Cistus purpureus- 2 galOrchid Rockrose- 2 gal0
Cistus salvifolius- 5 galProstrate Sageleaf Rockrose- 5 gal.0
Cistus 'Sunset'- 1 galSunset' Rockrose (magenta)- 1 gal80
Cistus 'Sunset'- 3 galSunset' Rockrose- 3 gal1
Cistus 'Sunset'- 5 galSunset' Rockrose- 5 gal6
Cornus a. 'Ivory Halo'- 2 galIvory Halo' White Variegated Red Twig Dogwood-2 gal0
Cornus 'Hedgerows Gold'- 5 gHedgerows Gold' Variegated Red Twig Dogwood- 5 gal6
Cornus ser. 'Baileyi'- 1 galBaileyi' Red twig Dogwood- 1 gal6
Cornus ser. 'Baileyi'-3 or 5galBaileyi' Red Twig Dogwood- 3 or 5 gal12
Cornus ser. 'Flaviramea'- 5gFlaviramea' Yellow Twig Dogwood- 3 and 5 gal5
Cornus sericea- 1 galRed Twig Dogwood- 1 gal0
Cornus ser. 'Isanti'- 1 galIsanti' Red Twig Dogwood- 1 gal--
Cornus ser. 'Isanti'- 2 galIsanti' Red Twig Dogwood- 2 gal15
Cornus ser. 'Isanti'- 5 galIsanti' Red Twig Dogwood- 5 gal--
Cornus ser. 'Kelseyii'- 1 galKelseyii' Dwarf Red Twig Dogwood- 1 gal23
Cornus ser. 'Kelseyii'- 3 galKelseyii' Dwarf Red Twig Dogwood- 3 gal1
Corokia x 'Sunsplash'- 5 galSunsplash' Variegated Wire Bush- 5gal--
Corylopsis pauciflora 3gal.Winter hazel - 3 gal2
Cotinus 'Grace'- 5 galGrace' Purple Smokebush- 5 gal10
Cotinus 'Velveteeny'- 1 galVelveteeny' Dwarf Smokebush- 1 gal9
Cotinus 'Young Lady'- 5 galYoung Lady' Smokebush-5g31
Cotoneaster ap. 'Tom Thumb'- 1gTom Thumb' Cotoneaster- 1 gal4
Cotoneaster dam. 'Coral Beauty'Coral Beauty' Cotoneaster- 1 gal0
Cotoneaster d. 'Lowfast'- 1 galLowfast' Cotoneaster- 1 gal153
Cotoneaster d. 'Streib's F.'- 1gStreib's Findling' Cotoneaster (very flat)- 1 gal9
Cotoneaster d. 'Streib's F.'-2gStreib's Findling' Cotoneaster- 2 gal10
Cotoneaster d. 'Streib's F.'- 4"Streib's Findling' Cotoneaster- 4"37
Cotoneaster parneyi- 3 galParney's Red Clusterberry- 3 gal9
Cotoneaster sal. 'Repens'- 1 gaWillowleaf Cotoneaster- 1 gal16
Daphne odora- 1 galWinter Daphne- 1 gal -Assorted17
Daphne odora- 2gal (Inc 'Perfume Princess')Winter Daphne- 2gal (Includes Perfume Princess)11
Daphne odora- 5 galWinter Daphne- 5 gal17
Daphne t. 'Eternal Frag.'- 1 gaEternal Fragrance' Daphne- 1 gal24
Daphne t. 'Eternal Frag.'- 2 gEternal Fragrance' Daphne- 2 gal13
Daphne t. 'Eternal Frag.'- 5 gEternal Fragrance' Daphne- 5 gal0
Daphne t. 'Summer Ice'- 2 galSummer Ice' Daphne- 2 gal-1
Daphne t. 'Summer Ice'- 5 galSummer Ice' Daphne- 5 gal3
Distylium Coppertone- 1 galCoppertone (R) PP#25304 Evergreen Distylium- 1gal3
Distylium 'Emerald Heights'-5gDistylium 'Emerald Heights' (R)-PP#24410-5g (5' x 5' at maturity)2
Distylium 'Jewel Box'- 1galJewel Box' Compact Distylium- 1 gal18
Distylium 'Linebacker' - 3 galLinebacker' (TM) Distylium (8-10' T x 6-8' W at maturity)- 3 gal8
Distylium 'Linebacker'- 5 galLinebacker' (TM) Distylium (8-10' T x 6-8' W at maturity)- 5 gal1
Distylium 'Swing Low'- 2 galDistylium 'Swing Low' (R)- PP#29779-2g (2-3' T x 4-6' W at maturity)1
Distylium 'Vintage Jade'- 2 galVintage Jade' Evergreen Distylium-PP#23128- 2 gal0
Drimys lanceolata- 3 galTasmanian Pepper Bush- 3 gal5
Elaeagnus 'Clemson Var.'- 1 galClemson Variegated' Silverberry- 1 gal1
Elaeagnus 'Clemson Var.'-5 galClemson Variegated' Silverberry- 5 gal6
Elaeagnus 'Hosoba Fukurin'- 2 gHosoba Fukurin' Variegated Silverberry- 2 gal-2
Elaeagnus 'Hosuba Furukin'- 5 gHosoba Furukin' Silverberry- 5 gal16
Elaeagnus p. 'Fruitlandi- 1 galFruitlandii' Silverberry- 1 gal--
Elaeagnus p. 'Gilt Edge'- 5 galGilt Edge' Yellow Variegated Silverberry- 5 gal0
Elaeagnus pungens'- 5 gFruitlandii' Silverberry- 5 gal18
Elaeagnus x ebbengei- 1 galEbbing's Silverberry- 1 gal23
Elaeagnus x ebbingei- 3 galEbbing's Silverberry- 3 gal0
Erica, assorted- 1 galAssorted Heath- 1 gal138
Erica, assorted- quartHeath- quarts3
Erica x d. 'Kramer's Rote'- 1 gKramers Rote' Heath (magenta)- 1 gal468
Eriogonum fasiculatum- 4"California buckwheat (native)- 4"0
Escallonia 'Pink Princess'- 1 gPink Princess' Escallonia- 1 gal0
Escallonia 'Pink Princess'- 2 gPink Princess' Escallonia- 2 gal0
Escallonia 'Pink Princess'-5 gPink Princess' Escallonia- 5 gal2
Euonymous alata compacta- 2 galCompact Burning Bush- 2 gal--
Euonymous alata compacta- 3 galCompact Burning Bush- 3 gal2
Euonymous alata compacta- 5 galCompact Burning Bush- 5 gal0
Euonymous f. 'Emerald GaietyEmerald Gaiety' Creeping Euonymous- 1 gal22
Euonymous f 'Emerald Gaiety- 2gEmerald Gaiety' Euonymous- 2 gal--
Euonymous f. 'Emerald n Gold'-1Emerald n' Gold' Euonymous- 1 gal24
Euonymous j.'Aureomarginata'-2gYellow Variegated Euonymous-2 gal-2
Euonymous j. 'Aureomarginata'-5Yellow Variegated Euonymous- 3 or 5 gal3
Euonymous 'Silver Queen'- 3 galSilver Queen' Euonymous- 3 gal0
Euonymous 'Silver Queen'- 5 galSilver Queen/King' Euonymous- 5 gal0
Euonymous 'Woolong's Ghost'-2gWoolong's Ghost' Groundcover Euonymous- 2 gal0
Fatsia japonica- 1 galJapanese Aralia- 1 gal7
Fatsia japonica- 5 galJapanese Aralia- 5 gal4
Fatsia j. 'Spider's Web'- 1galSpider's Web' Fatsia- 1 gal5
Fatsia j 'Spiders Web' -5 galSpiders Web' Japanese Aralia -5 gal1
Feijoa s. 'Coolidge'- 15 galCoolidge' Pineapple Guava- 15 gal on standard3
Feijoa sellowiana-15 galPineapple Guava- 15 gal-2
Feijoa sellowiana- 2 galPineapple Guava- 2 gal0
Feijoa sellowiana- 5 galPineapple Guava- 5 gal1
Forsythia 'Lynwood Gold'- 1 galLynwood Gold' or 'Spring Glory' Forsythia- 1gal0
Forsythia 'Lynwood Gold'- 3 galLynwood Gold' or 'Gold Tide'Forsythia- 3 gal2
Forsythia 'Lynwood Gold'- 5 galLynwood Gold' Forsythia- 5 gal9
Fothergilla gardenii 2 galFothergilla- 2 gal2
Fothergilla 'Mt. Airy'- 1 galMt. Airy' Fothergilla (great fall color)- 1 gal7
Fothergilla 'Mt. Airy''- 2 gaMt. AIry' Fothergilla- 2 gal0
Fothergilla 'Mt. Airy'- 3 galMt Airy' Fothergilla- 3 gal0
Gardenia 'Frost Proof'- 2 galFrost Proof' Gardenia- 2 gal5
Gardenia 'Kleim's Hardy'- 2 galKleim's Hardy' Gardenia- 2gal0
Gardenia 'Summer Snow'- 2 galSummer Snow' Gardenia- 2 gal0
Garrya elliptica- 3 galCoast Silk Tassel (native)- 3 gal0
Garrya elliptica - 5 galCoast Silk Tassel (native)- 5 gal3
Garrya ell. 'James Roof'- 5 gaJames Roof' Silk Tassel- 5 gal3
Genista lydia- 1 galLydia broom- 1 gal0
Genista lydia- 5 galLydia Broom- 5 gal0
Genista pilosa- 1 galYellow Broom groundcover- 1 gal0
Grevillea 'Noelli'- 5 galNoelli' Grevillea- 5 gal0
Halimiocistus wintonensis - 1gMerrist Wood Cream'' or 'Winton' Rock Rose-1 gal10
Hamamelis 'Arnold's Promise'- 7Arnold's Promise' Witch Hazel (yellow)- 7 gal, 3-4'3
Hamamelis 'Diane'- 5 galDiane' Witch Hazel (red)- 5 gal0
Hamamelis 'Jelena'- 5 galJelena' Witch Hazel (coppery orange)- 5 gal0
Hamamelis virginiana-5 galAmerican Witch Hazel (yellow flowers)- 5 gal4
Hebe glaucophylla- 2 galGlaucophylla Hebe- 2 gal0
Hebe 'Karo Golden Esk'- 1 galKaro Golden Esk' Whipcord Hebe- 1 gal0
Hebe 'Quicksilver'- 1 galQuicksilver' Small-leaf Hebe-1 gal0
Heteromeles arbutifolia- 1 galToyon (CA native)- 1 gal22
Heteromeles arbutifolia- 5 galToyon (CA native)- 5 gal19
Hibiscus 'Airbrush Effect'- 5 gAirbrush Effect' Hibiscus (pink with red eye)- 5 gal15
Hibiscus 'Hollandia''- 5 galHollandia' Rose of Sharon (lavender)- 5 gal4
Hibiscus 'Midnight Marvel'-5galMidnight Marvel' Hibiscus- 5 gal8
HIbiscus m. 'Luna Red'- 5 galLuna Red' Hibiscus- 5 gal5
Hibiscus m. 'Luna White'- 5 galLuna White' Hibiscus- 5 gal7
Hibiscus 'Perfect Storm'- 5 gPerfect Storm Hibiscus- 5 gal2
Hibiscus s. 'Purpurea'- 3 galPurple Rose of Sharon- 3 gal5
Hibiscus s. 'Blushing Bride'- 3Blushing Bride' Rose of Sharon- 3 gal- Pink Blush6
Hibiscus s. White Chiffon-3 galWhite Chiffon (R) PP#12612 Rose of Sharon 3 or 5 gal1
Hibiscus s. 'White Pillar'- 2 gWhite Pillar' Rose of Sharon- 2 gal9
Holodiscus discolor- 1 galOceanspray (native)- 1 gal0
Holodiscus discolor- 5 galOceanspray (native)- 5 gal0
Holodiscus microphyllus-1 galLittleleaf Oceanspray- 1 gal0
Hydrangea a. 'Annabelle' - 5 gaAnnabelle' Hydrangea (white) - 5 gal1
Hydrangea m. 'Glowing Emb.'- 3Glowing Embers' Mophead Hydrangea (pink)- 3 gal0
Hydrangea m. 'Inspire'- 5 galInspire' Pink Mophead Hydrangea- 5gal0
Hydrangea m 'LA Dreamin'- 5 galLA Dreamin' (R) Mophead Hydrangea (blue, pink and purple)- 5 gal0
Hydrangea m. 'Nikko Blue'- 3 gNikko Blue' Hydrangea- 3 gal2
Hydrangea m. 'Pia'-3 galPia' Mophead Hydrangea (dwarf)-3gal0
Hydrangea p. 'Limelight'- 3 galLimelight' Panicle Hydrangea-3 or 5 gal2
Hydrangea p. 'Little Lime'- 5 gLittle Lime (R) PP#22330 Dwarf Panicle Hydrangea - 3 or 5 gal1
Hydrangea q. 'Pee Wee'- 3 gPee Wee' Oakleaf Hydrangea (3-4'h x 3'w)- 3 gal (white flowers)11
Hydrangea q. 'Ruby 3 or 5Ruby Slippers' Compact Oakleaf Hydrangea (3'h x 4-5'w)- 3 or 5 ga2
Hydrangea q. 'Ruby Slippers'- 2Ruby Slippers' Compact Oakleaf Hydrangea- 2 gal2
Hydrangea q. 'Sike's Dwarf'- 5Sike's Dwarf' Oakleaf Hydrangea(3-4' h x w)- 5 gal0
Hydrangea q. 'Snow Queen'- 3gSnow Queen' Oakleaf Hydrangea- 3 gal1
Hydrangea q. 'Snow Queen'-5gSnow Queen' Oakleaf Hydrangea- 5 gal0
Hydrangea quercifolia- 5 galOakleaf hydrangea- 5 gal1
Hydrangea s. 'Blue Bird'-2galBlue Bird' Hydrangea (blue lacecap)- 2gal1
Hypericum fr. 'Sunburst'- 5 galSunburst' St. Johns Wort Bush- 5 gal70
Hypericum in. 'Magical Triumph'Magical Triumph' or 'Midnight Glow' St. John's Wort Shrub (red berries)- 2 gal3
Ilex 'Blue Girl'- 3 gaBlue Girl' Holly- 3 gal10
Ilex 'Blue Princess/Prince- 5gaBlue Princess/Prince' Holly- 5 gal0
Ilex c. 'Hoogendorn'- 2galHoogendorn' Japanese Hollly (matures at 2-3' T x 3-4' W)- 2 gal9
Ilex c. 'Lemon Gem'- 2 galLemon Gem' Compact Japanese Holly- 2 gal12
Ilex cor. 'Burfordii Nana'- 3 gBurford Compact Chinese Holly- 3 gal15
Ilex cornuta 'Burfordii'-5 galBurford Chinese Holly- 5 gal0
Ilex crenata convexa- 3 galJapanese Holly- 3 gal3
Ilex crenata helleri- 1 galHelleri Japanese Holly- 1 gal16
Ilex crenata helleri- 2 galHelleri Japanese Holly- 2 gal0
Ilex crenata 'Helleri'- 5 galHelleri' Compact Japanese Holly- 5 gal8
Ilex crenata 'Soft Touch'- 2 gSoft Touch' Japanese Holly-2 gal19
Ilex cr. 'Sky Pencil'- 2 galSky Pencil' Japanese Holly- 2 gal12
Ilex cr. 'Sky Pencil'- 3 galSky Pencil' Japanese Holly- 3 gal5
Ilex cr. 'Sky Pencil'- 5 galSky Pencil' Japanese Holly- 5 gal23
Ilex g. 'Gem Box'- 5 galGem Box' Inkberry Holly- 5 gal0
Ilex glabra 'Shamrock'- 1 galShamrock' Inkberry Holly- 1 gal--
Ilex gl. 'Gem Box'- 3 galGem Box' Holly- 3 gal5
Ilex 'Nellie Stevens'- 5-6'Nellie Stevens' Holly- 5-6'1
Ilex 'Shamrock'- 3 galShamrock' Inkberry Holly- 3 gal3
Ilex vomitoria 'Nana''-Nana' Holly- 5 gal2
Ilex x 'Rock Garden'- 1 galRock Garden' Dwarf Holly- 1 gal9
Juniper 'Bar Harbor'- 5 galBar Harbor' Shrub Juniper- 5 gal0
Juniperus con. 'Blue Pac-5gBlue Pacific' Shore Juniper- 5 gal1
Juniperus con. 'Blue Pacific-1gBlue Pacific' Shore Juniper- 1 gal45
Juniperus conferta 'All Gold'-1All Gold' Shore Juniper- 1 gal4
Juniperus hor. 'Wiltonii'- 1 gaWiltoni' (Blue Rug) Juniper- 1 gal27
Juniperus sq. 'Blue Star'- 1 gaBlue Star' Juniper- 1 gal (2'x5' mature size)1
Juniperus sq. 'Blue Star'- 2 gaBlue Star' Juniper- 2 gal (2'x5' mature size)6
Kerria japonica- 3 galKerria japonica- 3 gal1
Lavandula ang. 'Hidcote'- 1 galHidcote' Blue Lavender- 1 gal352
Lavandula ang. 'Hidcote'- 4"Hidcote' Blue Lavender- 4"9
Lavandula ang. 'Munstead'- 1 gaMunstead' Lavender- 1 gal212
Lavandula ang. 'Wee One'-4"Wee One' Dwarf Lavender (8" tall)- 4"40
Lavandula 'Ellagance Ice'-1gEllagance Ice' English Lavender- 1g (White Flowered)0
Lavandula 'Ellagance Ice'-2gEllagance Ice' English Lavender- 2g (White Flowered)0
Lavandula i. 'Grosso'- 1 galGrosso' Lavender- 1 gal58
Lavandula i. 'Grosso'- 2 galGrosso' Lavender- 2 gal20
Lavandula i. 'Phenomenal'-1gPhenomenal' Lavender-1g512
Lavandula i. 'Phenomenal'-2gPhenomenal' Lavender-2g27
Lavandula i. 'Provence'- 1 galProvence' Lavender- 1 gal313
Lavandula i. 'Provence' 4"Provence' Lavendar-4"0
Lavandula i. 'Sensational'-1gSensational' Lavender- 1 gal195
Lavandula 'Primavera'- 1gPrimavera' Lavender- 1gal10
Lavandula s. 'Silver Anouk'- 1gSilver Anouk' Spanish Lavender-1 gal46
Lavandula s. 'Silver Anouk'- 2gSilver Anouk' Spanish Lavender-2 gal40
Lavandula stoechas- 1 galOtto Quast Spanish Lavender- 1 gal7
Leucothoe f. 'Scarletta'- 1 galScarletta' Compact Fetterbush- 1 gal38
Leucothoe f. 'Scarletta'- 2 galScarletta' Compact Fetterbush- 2 gal0
Leucothoe 'Rainbow'- 1 galRainbow' Fetterbush- 1 gal5
Leucothoe 'Rainbow'-5 galRainbow' Fetterbush- 5 gal--
Ligustrum japonicum-15 galWaxleaf Privet- 15 gal1
Ligustrum j. 'Texanum'- 1 galWaxleaf Privet- 1 gal--
Ligustrum j. 'Texanum'- 2 galWaxleaf Privet- 2 gal0
Ligustrum j. 'Texanum'- 5 galWaxleaf Privet- 5 gal0
Lonicera involucrata- 2 galTwinberry (native)- 2 gal2
Lonicera pileata- 1 galPrivet Honeysuckle Shrub- 1 gal0
Lonicera pileata- 5 galPrivet honeysuckle shrub- 5 gal--
Loropetalum 'Monraz'- 5 galRazzleberri® Fringe Flower- 5 gal1
Loropetalum rubrum- 3 galRedleaf Fringe Flower- 3 gal0
Mahonia aq. 'Compacta'- 1galCompact Oregon Grape- 1 gal0
Mahonia aq. 'Compacta'- 2 galCompact Oregon Grape- 2 gal23
Mahonia aq. 'Compacta'- 5 galCompact Oregon Grape- 5 gal20
Mahonia aquifolium- 1 galOregon Grape- 1 gal0
Mahonia aquifolium- 3 galOregon Grape- 3 gal1
Mahonia aquifolium- 5 galOregon Grape- 5 gal15
Mahonia aq. 'Winter Sun'- 5 galWinter Sun' Oregon Grape- 5 gal4
Mahonia nervosa-1 gaLongleaf Oregon Grape- 1 gal2
Mahonia repens- 1 galCreeping Oregon Grape- 1 gal58
Mahonia 'Soft Caress'- 3 galSoft Caress' Oregon Grape- 3 gal13
Mahonia 'Soft Caress'-5 galSoft Caress' Oregon Grape- 5 gal0
Myrica californica-15 galPacific Wax Myrlte- 15 gal, multi or std.--
Myrica californica- 3 galPacific Wax Myrtle- 3 gal0
Myrica californica- 5 galPacific Wax Myrtle- 5 gal11
Myrtus comm. 'Compacta'- 5 galCompact Myrtle - 5 gal--
Myrtus c. 'Tarentina'- 2gTarentina' Myrtle (cold hardy)--2g--
Myrtus 'Tarentina'--1gCompact Myrtle - 1 gal33
Nandina 'Alpha Compacta'- 5 galAlpha Compacta' Heavenly Bamboo (3-4' at maturity)- 5 gal0
Nandina 'Blush Pink'- 2 galBlush Pink' Heavenly Bamboo (similar to 'Firepower')- 2 gal0
Nandina 'Burgundy Wine'- 1 galBurgundy Wine' Heavenly Bamboo (3' x3')- 1 gal1
Nandina domestica- 1 galHeavenly Bamboo- 1 gal60
Nandina domestica- 5 galHeavenly Bamboo- 5 gal19
Nandina 'Firepower'- 1 galFirepower' Heavenly Bamboo- 1 gal0
Nandina 'Firepower'- 2 galFirepower' Heavenly Bamboo- 2 gal16
Nandina 'Firepower'- 3 galFirepower' Heavenly Bamboo- 3 gal--
Nandina 'Gulf Stream'- 1 galGulf Stream' Heavenly Bamboo- 1 gal0
Nandina 'Gulf Stream'- 2 gGulf Stream' Heavenly Bamboo- 2 gal0
Nandina 'Gulf Stream'- 3 galGulf Stream' Heavenly Bamboo- 3 gal37
Nandina 'Gulf Stream'- 5 galGulf Stream' Heavenly Bamboo- 5 gal51
Nandina 'Lemon Lime'- 1 galLemon Lime' Heavenly Bamboo- 1 gal1
Nandina 'Lemon LIme'- 3 galLemon Lime' Compact Heavenly Bamboo- 3 gal10
Nandina 'Moyer's Red'- 1 galMoyer's Red' Heavenly Bamboo-1 gal0
Nandina 'Moyer's Red'- 2 galMoyer's Red' Heavenly Bamboo- 2 gal0
Nandina 'Moyer's Red'- 3galMoyer's Red' Heavenly Bamboo- 3 gal0
Nandina 'Moyer's Red'- 5 galMoyer's Red' Heavenly Bamboo- 5 gal10
Nerium oleander Pink- 5 galPink Oleander- 5 gal0
Nerium oleander Red- 5 galRed Oleander- 5 gal0
Osmanthus delavayi- 3 galDelavay Osmanthus- 3 gal3
Osmanthus h. 'Goshiki'- 5 galGoshiki' Variegated Hollyleaf Osmanthus- 5 gal2
Osmanthus h. 'Gulftide'- 5 galGulftide' Hollyleaf Osmanthus (10-15' T x 5-10' W at maturity) -5 gal27
Osmanthus h. 'Party Lights'- 3Party Lights' Variegated Osmanthus- 3gal5
Osmanthus h. 'Rotundifolius'-Rounded Hollyleaf Osmanthus 1 gal40
Osmanthus h. 'Rotundifolius'-2gRounded Hollyleaf Osmanthus- 2 gal0
Osmanthus h. 'Rotundifolius'- 3 galRounded Hollyleaf Osmanthus- 3 gal24
Osmanthus h. 'Rotundifolius'-5Rounded Hollyleaf Osmanthus- 5 gal-4
Osmanthus h. 'Rotundifolius'-6Rounded Hollyleaf Osmanthus- 6 gal3
Osmanthus h. 'Sasaba'- 2 galSasaba' Hollyleaf Osmanthus- 2 gal-1
Osmanthus h. 'Sasaba'- 5 galSasaba' Hollyleaf Osmanthus- 5 gal5
Osmanthus 'San Jose'- 2galSan Jose' Osmanthus- 2 gal--
Osmanthus x f. 'San Jose'- 5 gaSan Jose' Fragrant Hollyleaf Osmanthus (15-25' T x 7-10' W at maturity, can be pruned)- 5 gal3
Osmarea burkwoodii- 3 galOsmarea burkwoodii- 3 gal5
Ozothamnus 'Sussex Silver'- 1 gSussex Silver' Ozothamnus (6' x3')- 1 gal2
Ozothamnus 'Sussex Silver'- 2 gSussex Silver' Ozothamnus (6' x3')- 2 gal5
Philadelphus lewisii- 1 galWild Mock Orange (native)- 1 gal0
Philadelphus lewisii- 3-5 galWild Mock Orange (native)-3 and 5 gal0
Philadelphus 'MN. Snowflake'-3gMinnesota Snowflake' Mock Orange-3gal0
Photinia fraseri- 5 galRed Tip Photinia- 5 gal26
Physocarpus capitatus- 5 galPacific Ninebark (native)- 3 or 5 gal0
Physocarpus 'Diablo' - 5 gal"Diablo" Ninebark - 5 gallon2
Picea abies nidiformis- 3 galBird's Nest Spruce- 3 gal-2
Picea abies nidiformis- 5 galBirds Nest Spruce- 5 gal2
Picea mariana 'Nana'- 2 galDwarf Black Spruce- 2gal1
Picea sitchensis 'Papoose'- 5 gPapoose' Dwarf Sitka Spruce- 5 gal1
Pieris 'Cavatine'- 1 galCavatine' Andromeda (dwarf)- 1 gal13
Pieris 'Cavatine'- 3 galCavatine' Andromeda-3 ga17
Pieris 'Flaming Silver'- 1 galFlaming Silver' Andromeda- 1 gal1
Pieris 'Flaming Silver'- 2 galFlaming Silver' Andromeda- 2 gal--
Pieris 'Flaming Silver'- 3 galFlaming Silver' Andromeda- 3 gal-1
Pieris 'Flaming Silver'- 5 galFlaming Silver' Andromeda- 5 gal8
Pieris 'Greyswood'- 1 galGreyswood' Andromeda-1 gal3
Pieris 'Karenoma'- 2 galKarenoma' Pieris- 2 gal7
Pieris 'Katsura'- 1 galKatsura' Pieris- 1 gal9
Pieris 'Katsura'- 5 galKatsura' Pieris- 5 gal0
Pieris 'Little Heath'- 1 galLittle Heath' Dwarf Andromeda- 1 gal4
Pieris 'Little Heath'- 3 galLittle Heath' Dwarf Andromeda- 3 gal4
Pieris 'Mountain Fire'- 2 galMountain Fire' Andromeda- 2 gal2
Pieris 'Mountain Fire'- 3 galMountain Fire' Andromeda- 3 gal4
Pieris 'Mountain Fire'- 5 galMountain Fire Andromeda- 5 gal5
Pieris 'Pink Flamingo'- 2 galPink Flamingo' Pieris- 2 gal1
Pieris 'Prelude'- 2 galPrelude' Pieris- 2 gal0
Pieris 'Prelude'- 3 galPrelude' Andromeda (dwarf)- 3 gal0
Pieris 'Pygmaea'- 2 galPygmaea' Andromeda (dwarf)- 2 gal0
Pieris 'Snowdrift'- 3galSnowdrift' Pieris- 3 gal0
Pinus mugo pumilo- 1 galDwarf Mugo Pine- 1 gal10
Pinus mugo pumilo- 2 galDwarf Mugo Pine- 2 gal29
Pinus mugo pumilo- 3 galDwarf Mugo Pine- 3 gal3
Pinus mugo pumilo- 5 galDwarf Mugo Pine- 5 gal0
Pinus mugo 'Slowmound'-2 galSlowmound' Dwarf Mugo Pine- 2 gal-4
Pittosporum 'Golf Ball'- 2 galGolf Ball' Pittosporum-2 gal0
Pittosporum 'Golf Ball'- 3 galGolf Ball' Pittosporum- 3 gal0
Pittosporum 'Marjory Channon'- 2galMarjory Channon' Variegated Mock Orange- 2 gal5
Pittosporum t. 'Golf Ball'- 5 gGolf Ball' Pittosporum- 5 gal0
Pittosporum t. 'Marjory'- 5 galMarjory Channon' Pittosporum-5 gal4
Podocarpus m. 'Maki'- 15 galShrubby Yew Pine- 15 gal0
Podocarpus m. 'Maki'- 5 galShrubby Yew Pine- 5 gal5
Potentilla f 'Abbotswood'- 2 gaAbbotswood Cinquefoil - 2 gal (white)0
Potentilla f. 'Abbotswood'-5gAbbotswood' Cinquefoil- 5 gal (white)16
Potentilla f. 'Goldfinger'-1galGoldfinger' Cinquefoil- 1 gal0
Potentilla f. 'Goldfinger'-2galGoldfinger' Cinquefoil- 2 gal2
Prunus la. 'Skip'-4-5'Skip' English Laurel- 4-5'9
Prunus lau.' Nana'- 5'Nana' English Laurel (mature height 8-12')- 5' B &B2
Prunus lau. 'Otto Luyken-15-18"Otto Luyken' Laurel- 15-18"0
Prunus lau. 'Otto Luyken'-1 galOtto Luyken Laurel- 1 gal15
Prunus lau. 'Otto Luyken'-2 galOtto Luyken Laurel- 2 gal0
Prunus lau. 'Otto Luyken'-3 galOtto Luyken Laurel- 3 gal4
Prunus lau. 'Otto Luyken'-5 galOtto Luyken Laurel- 5 gal0
Prunus laurocerasus-3-4'English Laurel- 3-4',10
Prunus laurocerasus-4-5'English Laurel- 4-5'0
Prunus laurocerasus-5-6'English Laurel- 5-6', B&B1
Prunus laurocerasus- 5 galEnglish Laurel- 5 gal14
Prunus lau. 'Skip'- 1 galSkip' English Laurel- 1 gal--
Prunus lau. 'Skip'-3-4'Skip' English Laurel- 3-4'20
Prunus lau. 'Skip'-5'-6' dodgySkip' English Laurel- 5'-6'' dodgy12
Prunus lau. 'Skip'- 5 galSkip' English Laurel- 5 gal-1
Prunus l. 'Mt. Vernon'- 3o5 galMt. Vernon' Dwarf English Laurel (2' tall x 5' wide)- 3 or 5 gal14
Prunus l. 'Skip'- 15 galSkip' Laurel- 15 gal,10
Prunus lusitanica- 15 galPortugeuse Laurel- 15 gal-3
Prunus lusitanica- 2 galPortuegeuse Laurel- 2 gal22
Prunus lusitanica-4-5'Portugeuse Laurel- 4-5' B&B4
Prunus lusitanica-5-6'Portugeuse Laurel- 5-6', B&B0
Prunus lusitanica- 5 galPortugeuse Laurel- 5 gal1
Punica granatum 'Dwarf'- 5 galDwarf Pomegranate- 5 gal 'Nana'-1
Purshia tridentata- 1 galBitterbrush (native)- 1 gal6
Rhamnus ca. 'Eve Case'- 1 galEve Case' Coffeeberry- 1 gal (native)42
Rhamnus ca. 'Eve Case'- 3 galEve Case' Coffeeberry- 3 gal (native)90
Rhamnus ca. 'Eve Case'- 5 galEve Case' Coffeeberry- 5 gal0
Rhamnus c. 'M. San Bruno'- 5 galMound San Bruno' Coffeeberry- 5 gal (native)1
Rhamnus f. 'Asplenifolia'- 15Fernleaf Alder Buckthorn (tree form) - 15gal1
Rhamnus fr. 'Columnaris'- 5 galTallhedge Buckthorne- 6 gal1
Rhamnus f. 'Ron Williams'-5 gFine Line (R) Fern Leaf Buckthorn PP#14791 - 5 gal1
Rhamnus illicifolia-1 galHollyleaf Buckthorn (native)- 1 gal6
Rhamnus 'Mound San Bruno'-1 galMound San Bruno' Coffeeberry- 1 gal (native)4
Rhamnus tomentella- 2 galMountain Coffeeberry- 2 gal7
Rhaphiolepis umb. 'Minor'- 3gDwarf Yeddo Hawthorne- 3 gal1
Rhaphiolepis umb. 'Minor'- 5gDwarf Yeddo Hawthorne- 5 gal32
Rhododendron, assorted- 1 galAssorted Rhododendron- 1 gal0
Rhododendron, assorted- 2 galAssorted Rhododendron- 2 gal24
Rhododendron, assorted- 3 galAssorted Rhododendron- 3 gal-4
Rhododendron, assorted- 4' tallAssorted Rhododendron-15 gall0
Rhododendron, assorted- 5 galAssorted Rhododendron- 5 gal14
Rhododendron, assorted-6/7Assorted Rhododendron- 6 or 7 gal0
Rhododendron occidentale-1 galWestern Azalea (native)- 1 gal0
Rhododendron occidentale- 2 galWestern Azalea (native)- 2 gal0
Rhododendron occidentale-3 galWestern Azalea (native)- 3 gal0
Rhododendron 'PJM'-1 galPJM' Rhododendron- 1 gal--
Rhododendron 'PJM'-2 galPJM' Rhododendron- 2 gal0
Rhododendron 'PJM'-3 galPJM' Rhododendron- 3 gal2
Rhododendron 'PJM'-5 galPJM" Rhododendron-5 gal0
Rhus aromatica 'Gro-low'- 1 galGro- low' Sumac- 1 gal25
Rhus aromatica 'Gro-low'- 3 galGro-low' Sumac- 3 gal10
Rhus glabra- 15 galSmooth Sumac- 15 gal1
Rhus glabra- 5 galSmooth Sumac- 5 gal0
Rhus typhina 'Bailtiger'-15 galTiger Eyes (R) Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac PP#16185- 15 gal--
Rhus typhina 'Bailtiger'- 5galTiger Eyes (R) Cutleaf Staghorn Sumac PP#16185- 5 gal0
Ribes aureum- 3 galGolden Flowering Currant- 3 gal17
Ribes sang. 'King Edward'-5 galKing Edward' Flowering Currant- 5 gal21
Ribes sang. 'King Edward'-7 gaKing Edward' Flowering Currant- 7 gal0
Ribes sanguineum- 1 galFlowering Currant- 1 gal4
Ribes sanguineum- 3-5 galFlowering Currant- 3 or 5 gal0
Ribes sanguineum- 7 galFlowering Currant (native)- 7 gal0
Ribes s. 'King Edward'- 2 galKing Edward' dark pink Flowering currant- 2 gal0
Ribes viburnifolium- 1 galEvergreen Flowering Currant- 1 gal6
Rosa, assorted- 2 galAssorted Roses- 2 gal28
Rosa, assorted- 3 galAssorted Roses- 3 gal23
Rosa, assorted- 5 galAssorted Roses- 5 gal1
Rosa 'Lemon Drift'-1galLemon Drift' (R) Landscape Rose PP#20635-1g (Yellow Flowers 18" x 36")67
Rosa 'Lemon Drift'- 2 galLemon Drift' (R) Landscape Rose PP#20635-2g (Yellow Flowers 18" x 36")1
Rosa nutkana- 1 galNootka Rose (native)- 1 gal2
Rosa nutkana- 2 gaNootka Native Rose- 2 gal0
Rosa nutkana- 5 galNootka Rose (native)- 5 gal0
Rosa pisocarpa- 1 galCluster rose (native)- 1 gal0
Rosa 'Red Drift'- 1 galRed Drift' (R) Landscape Rose PP#17877-1 gal (Red Flowers 18" x 30")18
Rosa 'Red Ribbons'- 1galRed Ribbons' Groundcover Rose- 1gal246
Rosa rug. 'Moje Hammarberg'- 2Moje Hammaberg' Rugosa Rose (double mauve pink)- 2 gal5
Rosa rugosa- 3 galRugosa Rose- 3 gal0
Rosa rugosa 'Alba'- 3 galAlba' White Rugosa Rose- 3 gal0
Rosa 'Sweet Drift'- 1 galSweet Drift' (R) Groundcover Rose (Pink Flowers 18" x 30")-PP#21612- 1 gal97
Rosa 'Sweet Drift'- 2 galSweet Drift' (R) Groundcover Rose (pink flowers, 18x30")-PP#21612- 2 gal-1
Rosa 'White Drift'-1 galWhite Drift' (R) Landscape Rose-PP#28054-1g (White Flowers 18" x 30")1
Rosa 'White Drift'- 2galWhite Drift (R) Landscape Rose-PP#28054-2g (White Flowers 18" x 30")4
Rosa woodsii- 1 galWestern Wood's Rose (native)- 1 gal0
Rosmarinus o. 'Arp'- 1 galArp' Rosemary (extra hardy)- 1 gal168
Rosmarinus o. 'Irene'- 1 galIrene' Prostrate Rosemary- 1 gal54
Rosmarinus o. 'Irene'- 2gIrene' Prostrate Rosemary-2g16
Rosmarinus o. 'Irene'- 4"Irene' Prostrate Rosemary- 4"0
Rosmarinus o. 'Prostratus'- 1Prostrate Rosemary- 1 gal79
Rosmarinus o. 'Tuscan - 5 gaTuscan Blue' Rosemary- 5 gal3
Rosmarinus o. 'Tuscan Blue'- 1Tuscan Blue' Rosemary- 1 gal80
Rubus spectabilis- 1 galSalmonberry-1gal11
Salix 'Hakuro Nishiki'- 5 galDappled Willow- 5 gal1
Salix hookeriana- 1 galHooker's Willow (native)- 1 gal4
Salix nana purpurea- 5 galDwarf Arctic Willow- 5 gal0
Sambucus caerulea- 1 galBlue Elderberry (native)- 1 gal--
Sambucus nigra 'Eva'- 5 galBlack Lace (R) Elderberry PP#15575- 3- 5 gal3
Sambucus racemosa- 2 galRed Elderberry- 2 gal7
Santolina chamaecyparissus-1 gLavender Cotton- 1 gal5
Sarcococca confusa- 2 galFragrant Sweet box- 2 gal-1
Sarcococca 'Fragrant Mtn.'1gFragrant Mountain' Sweetbox (24"-36") - 1 gal15
Sarcococca 'Fragrant Valley'-1gFragrant Valley' Creeping Sweetbox (18"x36" at maturity) - 1 gal0
Sarcococca 'Fragrant Valley'- 2Fragrant Valley' Creeping Sweetbox- 2 gal0
Sarcococca humilis- 1 galCreeping Sweetbox- 1 gal20
Sarcococca humilis- 2 galCreeping Sweetbox- 2 gal9
Sarcococca ruscifolia- 1 galFragrant Sweetbox- 1 gal-1
Sarcococca ruscifolia- 2 galFragrant Sweetbox- 2 gal6
Sarcococca ruscifolia- 5 galFragrant Sweetbox- 5 gal1
Shepherdia argentea 'Totem'Silver Totem™ Buffaloberry55
Skimmia japonica 'Female'- 2 gaFemale Skimmia- 2 gal14
Skimmia japonica 'Male'- 2 galMale Skimmia- 2 gal3
Spirea b. 'Dart's Red'- 1 galDart's Red' Compact Spirea- 1 gal0
Spirea b. 'Tor'- 1 galTor' Birchleaf Spirea- 1 gal16
Spirea b. 'Tor'- 2 galTor' Birchleaf Spirea- 2 gal3
Spirea b. 'Tor'- 3 galTor' Birchleaf Spirea- 3 gal-3
Spirea b. 'Tor Gold'-3 galTor Gold' & Glow Girl Birchleaf Spirea- 3 gal23
Spirea densiflora- 1 galMountain Spirea (native)- 1 gal10
Spirea densiflora- 2 galMountain Spirea (native)- 2 gal0
Spirea douglasii- 1 galNative Spirea- 1 gal9
Spirea j. 'Anthony Waterer'- 1Anthony Waterer' Spirea x bumalda (red flowers w/maroon tinged foliage, 2'-3'tall)- 1 gal0
Spirea j. 'Anthony Waterer'- 2gAnthony Waterer' Spirea- 2 gal2
Spirea j. 'Anthony Waterer'- 3gAnthony Waterer' Spirea- 3 gal17
Spirea j. 'Goldflame'- 5 galGoldflame' Spirea- 5 gal0
Spirea j. 'Goldmound'- 1 galGoldmound' Spirea- 1 gal0
Spirea j. 'Goldmound'-3galGoldmound' Spirea-3 gal3
Spirea j. 'Limemound'- 1 galLimemound' Spirea- 1 gal0
Spirea j. 'Little Princess'- 1gLittle Princess' Spirea (long-blooming pink, 20" tall)- 1 gal0
Spirea j. 'Magic Carpet'- 3 galMagic Carpet' Spirea-3 gal1
Spirea j. 'Shirobana' -3 galShirobana' Spirea - 3 gal8
Spirea nip. 'Snowmound'- 3 galSnowmound' Spirea-3 gal2
Spirea thunbergii- 1 galBaby's Breath Spirea- 1 gal0
Spirea x 'Little Bonnie'- 1 galLittle Bonnie' (TM) Spirea- 1 gal0
Symphoricarpos albus - 3 galSnowberry (native) -3 gal.10
Symphoricarpos albus - 5 galSnowberry (native) - 5 gal0
Symphoricarpus albus- 1 galSnowberry (native)- 1 gal3
Syringa 'Miss Kim'- 5 galMiss Kim' Lilac (dwarf purple, fall color)- 5 gal2
Syringa vulgaris 'Assorted'- 2gAssorted Lilacs- 2 gal0
Syringa vulgaris 'Assorted'- 5Assorted Lilacs- 5 gal0
Syringa vulgaris 'Assorted'- 7gAssorted Lilacs- 7 gal23
Taxus 'HM Eddie'- 5-6'H.M. Eddie' Seedless Yew- 5-6'2
Taxus media 'Hicksii'-3-4' B&BHicksii' Yew- 3-4', B&B2
Taxus media 'Hicksii'- 4-5'Hicksii' Yew- 4-5'23
Taxus media 'Hicksii'- 5-6' B&BHIcksii' Yews- 5-6'2
Taxus media 'Hicksii'- 5 gaHicksii Yew- 5 gal, 3' tall2
Taxus m. 'HM Eddie'- 4-5'HM Eddie' Yew- 4-5' (seedless)0
Taxus x m. 'Densiformis'- 5 galDense Spreading Anglo-Japanese Yew- 5 gal1
Taxus x media 'Beanpole' - 10gaBeanpole' Fastigiate Yew - 10 gal, 3-4'0
Taxus x media 'Beanpole'- 5 gBeanpole' Fastigiate Yew- 5 ga4
Taxus x media 'Hicksii'- 4'Hicksii Yew-4'2
Teucrium fruticans- 1 galAzureum' Bush germander (blue flowers)- 1 gal0
Teucrium fruticans- 5 galAzureum' Bush Germander (blue flowers)- 5 gal0
Vaccinium ovatum- 1 galEvergreen Huckleberry (native)- 1 gal0
Vaccinium ovatum- 2 galEvergreen Huckleberry (native)- 2 gal0
Vaccinium ovatum- 3 galEvergreen Huckleberry (native)- 3 gal5
Viburnum b. 'Pink Dawn'- 3 galPink Dawn' Viburnum-early blooming- 3 gal0
Viburnum burkwoodi -5 galBurkwoodi Viburnum -3 or 5 gal5
Viburnum carlesii- 5 galKorean Spice Viburnum- 5 gal5
Viburnum davidii- 1 galDavidii Viburnum- 1 gal25
Viburnum davidii- 2 galDavidii Viburnum- 2 gal6
Viburnum davidii- 3 galDavidii Viburnum- 3 gal0
Viburnum davidii- 5 galDavidii Viburnum- 5 gal11
Viburnum opulus ' Roseum -5 galSnowball Viburnum- 5 gal0
Viburnum p 'Opening Day'- 5 galOpening Day' (TM)-Doublefile Viburnum-PP#28958- 5 gal26
Viburnum p. 'Summer Snowflake'-Summer Snowflake' Doublefile Viburnum- 3 gal3
Viburnum p.t. 'Mariesii'- 15 glMariesii' Doublefile Viburnum- 15 gal0
Viburnum p.t. 'Mariesii'-5 gaMariesii' Doublefile Viburnum-5 gal1
Viburnum rhy. 'Allegheny'- 10 gAllegheny' Leatherleaf Viburnum- 10 gal6
Viburnum t 'Bailey Compact'- 3gBaileyi Compact' Cranberry Viburnum- 3 gal2
Viburnum tri. 'Bailey Compact'-Bailey Compact' Cranberry Viburnum- 5 gal6
Viburnum t. 'Spring Bouquet'- 3Spring Bouquet' Viburnum- 3 gal1
Viburnum t. 'Spring Bouquet'-5gSpring Bouquet' Viburnum- 5 gal1
Viburnum 'Yin' & 'Yang'- 2 galYin' and 'Yang' (TM) Viburnum (plant both for blue berries, gets 2-4' T x 4' W)- 2 gal9
Vitex agnus-castus- 10 galAssorted Chaste Tree- 10 gal6
Vitex agnus-castus- 3 galChaste tree-3 gal1
Vitex 'Flip Side'- 5gFlip Side (R) Chaste tree-PPAF 5 gal1


Abies balsamea nana- 18-21"Dwarf Balsam Fir- 18-21"0
Abies k. 'Silberlocke'- 10 galSilberlocke' Korean Fir- 10 gal3
Abies nordmanniana- 3 galNordman Fir- 3 gal0
Acer circinatum- 10 gallon, natVine Maple- 10 gallon, natural0
Acer circinatum- 4-5'Vine Maple- 4-5',1
Acer circinatum- 5-6'Vine Maple- 5-6', 15 gal3
Acer circinatum- 5 galVine Maple- 5 gal-5
Acer circinatum- 6-8'Vine Maple- 6-8', multi-1
Acer circinatum 'Pacific Fire'Pacific FIre' Vine Maples- 5-6'3
Acer circ. 'Pacific Fire'-6-7'Pacific Fire' Vine Maple- 6-7'2
Acer cir. 'Little Gem'- 4'Little Gem' Dwarf Vine Maple (matures at 3-4')- B&B, 3-4'4
Acer cir. 'Monroe'- 6-8Monroe' Cutleaf Vine Maple- 6-8'2
Acer cir. 'Pacific Fire'- 5 galPacific Fire' (red stems) Vine Maple- 5 gal5
Acer f. 'Autumn Blaze'- 1"Autumn Blaze' Freemani Maple- 1"0
Acer f. 'Autumn Blaze'-1-1/2Autumn Blaze' Freemani Maple - 1-1/2"-1
Acer f. 'Autumn Blaze'- 1-1/4"Autumn Blaze' Freemani Maple- 1-1/4" (50'x40',orange-red, drought tolerant)20
Acer f. 'Autumn Blaze'- 1-3/4"Autumn Blaze' Freemanii Maple- 1-3/4",3
Acer f. 'Autumn Blaze'- 15 galAutumn Blaze' Freemani Maple- 15 gal--
Acer f. 'Autumn Blaze'- 2"Autumn Blaze' Freemanii Maple- 2",0
Acer f. 'Autumn Blaze'- 5 galAutumn Blaze' Maple- 5 gal0
Acer fr. 'Autumn Blaze'- 3"Autumn Blaze' Maple- 3"0
Acer ginnala 'Flame'- 1-3/4"Flame' Amur Maple -1-3/4", single--
Acer ginnala 'Flame' 20g, multiFlame' Amur Maple- 15 and 20 gal, multi5
Acer ginnala 'Ruby Slippers'-1"Ruby Slippers' Flame Maple- 1"1
Acer grand. 'Mesa Glow'- 10 galMesa Glow' (R) Rocky Mtn. Maple- 10 gal1
Acer gri 'Fireburst'- 1-1/2"Fireburst' Paperbark Maple- 1-1/2"--
Acer gri.'Fireburst'- 1-3/4"Fireburst' Paperbark Maples- 1-3/4"4
Acer griseum- 10 gal, 1"Paperbark Maple- 10 gal, 1"4
Acer griseum- 1-1/2"Paperbark Maple- 1-1/2", single0
Acer griseum- 1-1/4"Paperbark Maple- 1-1/4", single3
Acer griseum- 1-3/4"Paperbark Maple- 1-3/4" single0
Acer griseum- 2" singlePaperbark Maple- 2", single0
Acer griseum- 6-7' multiPaperbark Maple- 6-7' multi1
Acer griseum- 7-8' multiPaperbark Maple- multi, 7-8'1
Acer griseum- 8-10, multiPaperbark Maple-8-10', multi specimen--
Acer griseum x A. maximowiczianCInnamon Girl' Maple (heat tolerant)- 1-3/4"1
Acer gris. 'Fireburst'- 2-1/2"Fireburst' Paperbark Maple- 2-1/2"1
Acer g. 'Rocky Mtn Glow'- 1.25+Rocky Mtn. Glow' Maple - 1-1/4"+0
Acer gr. 'Rocky Mtn Glow' 1.25"Rocky Mountain Glow' Bigtooth Maple- 1-1/4"0
Acer gr. 'Rocky Mtn. Glow' 3.5"Rocky Mountain Glow' Bigtooth Maple- 3 1/2"0
Acer gr. 'Rocky Mtn Glow' 7galRocky Mountain Glow' Bigtooth Maple- 7 gallon, 1" caliper0
Acer g.x s.'Highland Park'-1.75Highland Park' Maple (heat tolerant cross of Sugar and Rocky Mtn. Maple)- 1-3/4"0
Acer j. 'Aconitifoium'- 1.25"Aconitifolium' Full Moon Maple- 1.25"0
Acer j. 'Ed Wood'- multiEd Wood' Full Moon Maple- 7 gal multi1
Acer macrophyllum- 1"Bigleaf Maple- 1"1
Acer macrophyllum- 1 3/4"Bigleaf Maple-1 3/4"3
Acer palmatum- 1-1/2"Green Japanese Maple- 1-1/2"0
Acer palmatum- 1-3/4"-2"Green Japanese Maple-1-3/4"- 2", single trunk5
Acer palmatum- 15 galGreen Japanese Maple -15 gal0
Acer palmatum- 5-6', multiGreen Japanese Maple- 5-6' multi1
Acer palmatum- 5 galGreen Japanese Maple- 5 gal0
Acer palmatum- 6-7', multiGreen Japanese Maple- 6-7'2
Acer palmatum- 8-10' multiGreen Japanese Maple- multi, 8-10'1
Acer p. 'Bihou'- 1.25"Bihou' Yellow-barked Japanese Maple (matures at 10' tall)- 1.25"7
Acer p. 'Bloodgood'- 6-7'Bloodgood Japanese Maple- 6-7' tall8
Acer p.d. 'Assorted'- 2 galLaceleaf Japanese Maples- 2 gal--
Acer p.d. Assorted- 5 galAssorted Laceleaf Japanese Maples- 5 gal-2
Acer p.d. 'Crimson Queen'- 5 gaCrimson Queen' Laceleaf Japanese Maple- 5 gal4
Acer p.d. 'Crimson Queen-B sizeCrimson Queen' Japanese Maple- B size-1
Acer p.d. 'Inaba Shidare'- 15 gInaba Shidare' Red Weeping Laceleaf Japanese Maple- 15 gal (compact 4-6')4
Acer p.d. 'Mikawa Yasubusa'-4'Mikawa Yatsubusa' Green Japanese Maple (unusual form, compact habit)- 4'0
Acer p.d. 'Orange Flame'-15 galOrange Flame' Upright Laceleaf Japanese Maple- 15 gal (18' x 10' at maturity)0
Acer p.d. 'Orangeola'- 10 galOrangeola' Red Laceleaf Japanese Maple- 10 gal, 24-30" (compact 6-8')0
Acer p.d. 'Red Dragon'- 10 galRed Dragon' Laceleaf Japanese Maple (compact)-10 gal, 24-30"0
Acer p.d. 'Red Dragon'- 15 galRed Dragon' Weeping Japanese Maple- 15 gal0
Acer p.d. 'Red Dragon'- 5 galRed Dragon' Laceleaf Japanese Maple (compact)- 5 gal--
Acer p.d. 'Red Dragon'- B sizeRed Dragon' Weeping Japanese Maple- B size (Matures 7-8')0
Acer p.d. 'Tamekuyama'-10 galTamekuyama' Laceleaf Japanese Maple- 10 ga (Compact 6-10')0
Acer p.d. 'Tamekuyama'-24- 30"Tamekuyama' Laceleaf Japanese Maple- 24-30"0
Acer p.d. 'Tamekuyama'-30-36"Tamekuyama' Laceleaf Japanese Maple- 30-36"1
Acer p.d. 'Tamekuyama'- 5galTamekuyama' Laceleaf Japanese Maple- 5 gal1
Acer p.d. 'Tamekuyama'-B sizeTamekuyama' Laceleaf Japanese Maple- B size (heat tolerant)0
Acer p.d. 'Viridis'- 10 galViridis' Green Laceleaf Japanese Maple- 10 gal, 24-30"0
Acer p.d.' Viridis'- 15 galViridis' Green laceleaf Japanese Maple- 15 gal (Matures 8-10')4
Acer p.d. 'Viridis'- 5 galViridis' Green Laceleaf Japanese Maple- 5 gal0
Acer p. 'Emperor 1'- 4-5'Emperor 1' Red Leaf Japanese Maple- 4-5'0
Acer p. 'Emperor 1'- 5-6', 10 gEmperor 1' Red Leaf Japanese Maple -5-6' , 10 gal2
Acer p. 'Emperor 1'- 5 galEmperor 1' Red Leaf Japanese Maple- 5 gal2
Acer p. 'Emperor 1'- 6-7' multiEmperor 1' Red Leaf Japanese Maple- 6-7', multi0
Acer p. 'Fireglow'-10galFireglow' Red Leaf Japanese Maple- 10gal, 5-6' (heat tolerant)--
Acer P. 'Fireglow" 1.75"Fireglow Japanese Maple 1.75"3
Acer p. 'Fireglow'- 5 galFireglow' Red Leaf Japanese Maple- 5 gal0
Acer pl. 'Crimson King'-2"Crimson King' Maple- 2"0
Acer pl. 'Crimson Sentry'- 1.25Crimson Sentry' Norway Maple -1-1/4"2
Acer pl. 'Crimson Sentry'- 1.5"Crimson Sentry' Norway Maple- 1.5"0
Acer pl. 'Crimson Sentry'- 2"Crimson Sentry' Maple- 2"2
Acer p. 'Moonfire' - 5-6'Moonfire Red-Leaf Japanese Maple - 5-6' (dark red leaves hold their color well in summer)5-6'0
Acer p. 'Moonfire'- 6-7'Moonfire' Red Leaf Japanese Maple (heat tolerant)- 6-7'-1
Acer p. 'Oregon Sunset'' 15gAcer p. 'Oregon Sunset' 15 g (Red Leaf Dwarf)3
Acer pp.d. 'Viridis'- A sizeViridis' Green Laceleaf Japanese Maple- A size1
Acer p. 'Seiryu'- 2"Seiryu' Japanese Maple- 2"2
Acer p. 'Seiryu'- 6-7'Seiryu' Japanese Maple- 6-7'4
Acer p. 'Shishigashira'- 4'Shishigashira' Lion's Head Japanese Maple - 4'0
Acer p. 'Twombley's- 10gTwombley's Red Sentinel' Red Columnar Japanese Maple- 10g5
Acer p. 'Twombley's'- 15gTwombley's Red Sentinel' Columnar Japanese Maple-15 gal, 5-6'0
Acer p. 'Twombley's'- 5-6'Twombley's Red Sentinel' Columnar Japanese Maple-5-6'2
Acer r. 'Armstrong'- 1-1/2"Armstrong' Red Maple- 1-1/2"0
Acer r. 'Armstrong'- 1-1/4"Armstrong' Columnar Red Maple- 1-1/4"13
Acer r. 'Armstrong'-2-1/4"Armstrong Red Maple-2-1/4"5
Acer r. 'Armstrong Gol'- 1-1/2"Armstrong Gold' Columnar Maple -1-1/2"5
Acer r. 'Armstrong Gold'- 1-1/4Armtrong Gold' Columnar Maple- 1-1/4"5
Acer r. 'Bowhall'-1-1/2"Bowhall' Red Maple (mature size 40'x15')- 1-1/2"2
Acer r. 'Bowhall'- 1-3/4"Bowhall' Columnar Red Maple- 1-3/4"4
Acer r. 'Bowhall'- 15 galBowhall' Columnar Red Maple- 15 gal9
Acer r. ''Bowhall'- 5 galBowhall' Columnar Red Maple- 5gal19
Acer r. 'Brandywine'- 1-3/4"-2"Brandywine' Red Maple (seedless)- 1-3/4" -2"(40' x 30' at maturity)4
Acer r. 'Franksred'- 1-1/2"Red Sunset (R) Maple-J Frank Schmidt- 1-1/2"5
Acer r. 'Franksred'- 1-1/4"Red Sunset (R) Maple-J Frank Schmidt-1-1/4"1
Acer r. 'Franksred' -1-3/4"Red Sunset (R) Maple-J Frank Schmidt- 1-3/4",5
Acer r. 'Franksred'- 2"Red Sunset (R) Maple-J Frank Schmidt- 2"7
Acer r. 'Franksred'-5 gRed Sunset (R) Maple-J Frank Schmidt-5 gal0
Acer r. 'October Glory'- 1-1/2"October Glory' Red Maple (40'x35', deep red)- 1-1/2" cal.1
Acer r. 'October Glory'- 1-1/4"October Glory' Red Maple- 1-1/4"15
Acer r. 'October Glory'- 1-3/4"October Glory' Red Maple- 1-3/4"1
Acer r. 'October Glory'- 2"October Glory Red Maple- 2"8
Acer r. 'October Glory'-5 g.October Glory' Red Maple-5 gal0
Acer r. 'Scarsen'- 2-1/4Scarlet Sentinel' Columnar Maple- 2-1/4"1
Acer sac. 'Fall Fiesta'- 15 galFall Fiesta' Sugar Maple- 15 gal1
Acer sac. 'Green Mtn.''-15 galGreen Mountian' Sugar Maple- 15 gal0
Acer tartaricum 'Hot Wings'- 7Hot Wings' (R) Maple- 7 gal, multi2
Acer tataricum 'Hot Wings'-15 gHot Wings' Tatarian Maple- 15 gal2
Acer t. x p.'Keithsform'-1.75Norwegian Sunset (R) Maple-J Frank Schmidt- 1.75"2
Acer t. x p. 'Keithsform'- 2+"Norwegian Sunset (R) Maple-J Frank Schmidt- 2-1/4"3
Acer t. x p. 'Warrenred'-1-3/4Pacific Sunset (R) Maple-J Frank Schmidt 1-3/4"1
Acer t. x p. 'Warrenred'- 2.25Pacific Sunset (R) Maple-J Frank Schmidt- 2-1/4"0
Albizia 'EH Wilson'- 1-1/2"EH Wilson' Mimosa tree- 1-1/2"0
Albizia j. 'E.H. Wilson- 1"E.H. Wilson' Mimosa tree (very hardy)- 1"23
Albizia j. 'E.H. Wilson-1-1/4"EH Wilson' Mimosa tree- 1-1/4"1
Albizia j. 'E.H. Wilson'-1-3/4"EH Wilson' Mimosa Tree- 1-3/4"1
Alnus rhombifolia-3 galWhite Alder-3 gal0
Amelanchier 'A.B'- 10 galAutumn Brilliance' Serviceberry- 10 gal, multi0
Amelanchier 'A. B.'- 5-6' multiAutumn Brilliance' Serviceberry- 5-6' multi8
Amelanchier 'Atmn. Briliance'-Autumn Brilliance' Serviceberry- 1-1/2", tree form--
Amelanchier 'Spring Flurry'-Spring Flurry' Serviceberry- 1-1/2" tree6
Arbutus menziesii- 1 galMadrone- 1 gal0
Arbutus menziesii- 2 galMadrone- 2 gal2
Arbutus unedo- 15 gal ,treeStrawberry Tree-15 gal, tree form0
Betula 'Fargo'-1-3/4"Dakota Pinnacle' Birch- 1-3/4"--
Betula n. 'Dura-Heat'-10g multiDura Heat' River Birch-10g, multi13
Betula n. 'Dura-Heat'- 1-1/2"Dura-Heat' River Birch- 1-1/2"0
Betula n. 'Dura-Heat'1-1/4" stdDura Heat' Birch- 1-1/4", std.0
Betula n. 'Dura-Heat'- 1-3/4"Dura-Heat' River Birch- 1-3/4"0
Betula n. 'Duraheat'- 15 galDuraHeat' River Birch- 15 gal, single0
Betula n. 'Dura Heat'- multi,8'Dura Heat' River Birch- multi , 8' tall9
Betula nigra-1 3/4" multiRiver Birch- 1-3/4", clump, 10' tall1
Betula pap. 'Prairie Dream'- clPrairie Dream' Paper Birch- clump, 6-8' tall--
Betula papryifera-clumpPaper Birch- clump, 20 gal2
Betula p. 'Fargo'- 1"Dakota Pinnacle' Birch- 1"5
Betula p. 'Fargo' - 1 1/2"Dakota Pinnacle' Columnar Birch - 1 1/2"--
Betula p. 'Fargo'-1-1/4"Dakota Pinnacle' Columnar Birch- 1-1/4"0
Betula p. 'Fargo'-2"Dakota Pinnacle' Columnar Birch- 2"--
Betula p. 'Prairie Dream'-1.25"Prairie Dream' Birch- 1-1/4"2
Betula p. 'Prairie Dream'-1.5Prairie Dream' Paper Birch- 1-1/2"0
Betula p. 'Prairie Dream'-1.75"Prairie Dream' Birch- 1-3/4"-2"--
Betula p. 'Prairie Dream' 2"Prairie Dream' Birch- 2"--
Calocedrus decurrens- 4-5'Incense Cedar- 4-5'4
Calocedrus decurrens- 5 galIncense Cedar- 5 gal3
Calocedrus decurrens- 6-7'Incense Cedar- 6-7',0
Calocedrus decurrens- 7-8'Incense Cedar- 7-8'0
Calocedrus decurrens- 8-10'Incense Cedar- 8-10'0
Carpinus bet. 'Columnaris Nana'Dwarf Columnar Hornbeam ((8-10' T x 3-5' W at maturity)- 10 gal9
Carpinus b. 'Fastigiata'-1-1/2Pyramidal European Hornbeam- 1-1/2"20
Carpinus b. 'Fastigiata'-1-1/4"Pyramidal European Hornbeam- 1-1/4"28
Carpinus b. 'Fastigiata- 1-3/4"Pyramidal European Hornbeam-1-3/4"17
Carpinus b. 'Frans Font.' 1"Frans Fontaine' Columnar Hornbeam- 1"22
Carpinus b. 'Frans Font.' 1.5"Frans Fontaine' Columnar Hornbeam- 1-1/2"3
Carpinus caroliniana- 1-3/4"American Hornbeam- 1-3/4"1
Carpinus caroliniana- 1.5"American Hornbeam- 1-1/2"3
Carpinus caroliniana- 2"American Hornbeam- 2"1
Carpinus caroliniana'-2-1/2"American Hornbeam- 2-1/2"1
Carpinus c. 'Native Flame'-1"Native Flame' American Hornbeam- 1"2
Carpinus 'Emerald Ave.'- 1-1/2"Emerald Avenue' Hornbeam (heat tolerant)- 1-1/2"3
Carpinus 'Emerald Avenue'- 2"Emerald Avenue' Hornbeam (heat tolerant)- 2"3
Carpinus 'Frans Fontaine'- 10 gFrans Fontaine' Columnar Hornbeam- 10 gal33
Carpinus 'Frans Fontaine'- 1.75Frans Fontaine' Columnar Hornbeam- 1-3/4"1
Cedrus a.g. 'Pendula'-3-4'Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar- 3-4'2
Cedrus a.g. 'Pendula'- 5 galWeeping Blue Atlas Cedar- 5 gal0
Cedrus atl. 'Glauca'-4-5'Blue Atlas Cedar- 4-5'5
Cedrus atl. 'Glauca'- 5 gaBlue Atlas Cedar- 5 ga0
Cedrus atl. 'Horstmann'-10 g.Horstmann' Compact Blue Atlas Cedar-10 g. 4'-5'1
Cedrus d. 'Divinely Blue'- 5-6'Divinely Blue' Deodar Cedar (dwarf at 6' tall)- 5-6'3
Cedrus deodara- 10 galDeodar Cedar- 10 gal8
Cedrus deodara- 5 galDeodar Cedar- 5 gal0
Cedrus deodara- 6'-8', specimenDeodar Cedar- 6'-8' 25 gal, Specimen0
Cedrus d. 'Feelin' Blue'-6 galFeelin' Blue' Deodar Cedar- 6 gal5
Cedrus d. 'Karl Fuchs'-6-7Karl Fuchs' Narrow Deodar Cedar- 6-7'2
Cedrus d. 'Prostrate B.'-24-30"Prostrate Beauty' Deodar Cedar- 24-30" spreading1
Cedrus 'Feelin Blue'- 5 galFeelin Blue' Deodar Cedar- 5 gal5
Cercidiphyllum japonicum-1.25"Katsura Tree- 1 1/4"2
Cercidiphyllum japonicum- 1-3/4Katsura- 1-3/4"4
Cercidiphyllum japonicum- 2"Katsura Tree- 2"5
Cercidiphyllum japonicum-2.5"Katsura Tree- 2-1/2"3
Cercis can. 'Ruby Falls'-15 galRuby Falls' Weeping Redbud- 15 gal1
Cercis 'Merlot'- 1-1/2"+Merlot' Redbud- 1-1/2"-1-3/4"1
Cercis tex. 'Oklahoma'- 3/4"Oklahoma' Redbud- 3/4"2
Cercis x 'Merlot'- 1"Merlot' Purple leafed Redbud-1"12
Cercis x 'Oklahoma'- 1"+Oklahoma' Redbud (heat tolerant)- 1" +6
Cercis x 'Oklahoma'- 1"Oklahoma' Redbud- 1"12
Cercis x 'Oklahoma'- 1.5"Oklahoma' Redbud (heat tolerant)- 1-1/2"2
Cercis x 'Oklahoma'- 6', 10g.Oklahoma' Redbud (heat tolerant)-6', 10g.0
Chamaecyparis 'Compacta'-4-5Compacta' Hinoki Cypress- 4-5'0
Chamaecyparis 'Ellwood's Py.-2gEllwood's Pygmy' Dwarf Lawson Cypress- 2 ga3
Chamaecyparis law. 'Oregon Blue'- 5 galOregon Blue' Compact Lawson Cypress- 5 gal5
Chamaecyparis law. 'Van Pelt's Blue'- 5 galVan Pelt's Blue' Compact Lawson Cypress- 5 gal10
Chamaecyparis law. 'Wissel's Saguaro'- 5 gal--9
Chamaecyparis l. 'Elwoodii'- 3Elwoodii Dwarf' Lawson Cypress- 3 gal1
Chamaecyparis l. 'Golden SurpriGolden Surprise' Dwarf Lawson Cypress- 2 gal0
Chamaecyparis l. 'Spring Cream'Spring Cream' Lawson Cypress- 2 gal5
Chamaecyparis l. 'Treasure IslaTreasure Island' Mini Lawson Cypress- 2 gal2
Chamaecyparis n 'Green Arrow-5'Green Arrow' Alaska Cedar- 5'2
Chamaecyparis o. 'Gracilis'- 5'Gracilis' Hinoki Cypress- 5'-6'0
Chamaecyparis 'Wissel's SaguaroWissel's Saguaro' Narrow False Cypress- 2 gal2
Chamaerops humilis- 15 galMediterranean Fan Palm- 15 gal2
Chamaerops humilis- 5 galMediterranean Fan Palm- 5 gal1
Chilopsis 'Bubba'- 7 gallonBubba' Desert Willow- 7 gallon7
Chilopsis 'Burgundy'- 15gal MSBurgundy' Desert Willow- 15 gal multi14
Chilopsis l. 'Burgundy'- 20 galBurgundy' Desert Willow - 20 gal, multi4
Chilopsis lin. 'Burgundy'-10 gBurgundy' or 'Bubba' Desert Willow- 10 gal multi,16
Chionanthus retusus- 1.25"Fringetree- 1.25"1
Chionanthus retusus-1.5"Chinese Fringe Tree- 1-1/2"1
Chitalpa 'Morning Cloud'- 1"Morning Cloud' Chitalpa- 1", single trunk15
Chitalpa 'Morning Cloud'- 15gMorning Cloud' White Chitalpa - 15g multi or single12
Chitalpa 'Pink Dawn'- 1"Pink Dawn' Chitalpa- 1", single trunk13
Chitalpa 'Pink Dawn'-10 galPink Dawn' Chitalpa- 10 gal, 3'1
Chitalpa tash. 'Pink Dawn'-15 gPink Dawn' Chitalpa-15 gal-Multi or Single8
Chitalpa tash. 'Pink Dawn'-2"Pink Dawn' Chitalpa - 2"0
Cladrastis kentukea-1.5-1.75"Yellowwood- 1.5" -1.75"4
Cornus 'Cherokee Brave'- 3-4'Cherokee Brave' Pink Florida Dogwood- 3-4'1
Cornus 'Eddie's White'-1.5Eddie's White Wonder' Dogwood- 1-1/2"1
Cornus florida rubra- 5-6'Rubra' Pink Florida Dogwood- 5-6'3
Cornus mas- 1"Cornelian Cherry- 1"1
Cornus mas 'Saffron Sentinel'-7Saffron Sentinel' Columnar Cornelian Cherry (yellow winter flowers, red fruits)- 7 gal1
Cornus 'Wolf Eyes'- 1.25"+Wolf Eyes' Variegated Dogwood- 1.25"+2
Cornus x 'Celestial'- 1-1/2"Celestial' Hybrid White Dogwood- 1-1/2"1
Cornus x 'Venus' -1-1/2"Venus' Hybrid Dogwood- 1-1/2"3
Cornus x 'Venus'- 1-1/4"Venus' Hybrid Dogwood- 1-1/4"5
Crataegus c.-g.i. 'Cruzam' -1.5Crusader' Thornless Hawthorne- 1.5"0
Crataegus c.-g.i. 'Cruzam'-1.75Crusader' Thornless Cockspur Hawthorne (15' tall at maturity)- 1-3/4"1
Crataegus douglasii-1.75"Native Hawthorne- 1-3/4"8
Crataegus douglasii- 5 galNative Hawthorne- 5 gal0
Crataegus l. 'Crimson Cloud' 1"Crimson Cloud' Hawthorne- 1"0
Crataegus phaenopyrum- 2"Washington Hawthorne- 2"2
Cryptomeria j. 'Elegans Compa'-Elegans Compacta' Japanese Cedar- 2 gal4
Cupressocyparis leylandii-15gLeyland Cypress- 15 gal, can order on request--
Cupressus a. 'Caro.Sapphire'-10Caroline Sapphire' Arizona Cypress (heat and drought tolerant) - 10 gal0
Cupressus m. 'Golden P.'- 4'Golden Pillar' Monterey Cypress- 4-5'--
Cupressus m. 'Golden Pillar'- 5Golden Pillar' Monterey Cypress- 5 gal0
Cupressus m. 'Wilma G.'-1 galWilma Goldcrest' Dwarf Monterey Cypress- 1 gal0
Cupressus m. 'Wilma G.'-2 galWilma Goldcrest' Dwarf Monterey Cypress- 2 gal7
Cupressus m. 'Wilma G.'- 5 galWilma Goldcrest' Dwarf Monterey Cypress- 5 gal0
Cupressus semp. 'Glauca'-15 gBlue Italian Cypress- 15 gal1
Cupressus s. 'Tiny Towers'- 15gTiny Towers' Italian Cypress (compact)- 15 gal10
Davidia involucrata- 1.75"Dove Tree- 1-3/4"1
Fraxinus 'Autumn Purple'- 1-1/2Autumn Purple' American Ash- 1-1/2"0
Fraxinus 'Autumn Purple'- 1-1/4Autumn Purple' American Ash- 1-1/4"0
Fraxinus 'Autumn Purple'- 2'Autumn Purple' American Ash-2"0
Fraxinus excelsior - 2"Golden Desert Ash- 2"6
Fraxinus latifolia- 1"Oregon Ash (native)- 1"2
Fraxinus latifolia- 1-3/4"-2"Oregon Ash (native)- 1-3/4"-2"4
Fraxinus 'Raywood' - 15 galRaywood' Ash- 15 gal5
Ginkgo 'Autumn Gold'- 10 galAutumn Gold' Ginkgo- 10 gal11
Ginkgo 'Autumn Gold'- 1-1/2"Ginkgo biloba 'Autumn Gold'- 1-1/2",0
Ginkgo 'Autumn Gold'- 1-1/4"Autumn Gold' Ginkgo- 1-1/4"1
Ginkgo 'Chase Manhattan'- 2-3'Chase Manhattan' Dwarf Ginkgo- 2-3'0
Ginkgo 'Jade Butterfly'- 3 galJade Butterfly' Dwarf Ginkgo- 3 gal0
Ginkgo 'Maribo'- 5 galMaribo' Dwarf Variegated Ginkgo- 5 gal-1
Ginkgo 'Mariken'- 5 galMariken' Dwarf Ginkgo- 5 gal1
Ginkgo 'Princeton Sentry'-10 gaPrinceton Sentry' Ginkgo- 10 gal22
Ginkgo 'Princeton Sentry'- 15 gPrinceton Sentry' Ginkgo- 15 gal0
Ginkgo 'Princeton Sentry'- 1.75Princeton Sentry' Ginkgo- 1-3/4"5
Ginkgo 'Princeton Sentry'- 4-5'Princeton Sentry' Ginkgo- 4-5'1
Ginkgo 'The President'- 1-1/2"Presidentail Gold (R)' Ginkgo- 1-1/2"12
Ginkgo 'The President'- 1-1/4"Presidential Gold' (R) Ginkgo- 1-1/4"0
Gleditsia 'Shademaster'- 1-1/4"Shademaster' Honey Locust- 1-1/4"0
Gleditsia 'Shademaster'- 1.75"Shademaster' Honey Locust- 1.75"0
Gleditsia 'Skyline'- 10 galSkyline' Honeylocust- 10 gal4
Gymnocladus diocius- 10 galKentucky Coffee Tree- 10 gal0
Heptacodium miconioides- 1-1/2"Seven Son Flower Tree- 1-1/2"2
Heptacodium miconioides- 1 1/4"Seven Son Flower Tree (15'x15' at maturity)- 1 1/4"+0
Heptacodium miconioides- 15 galSeven Son Flower- 15 gal, 5-6' multi0
Hibiscus s. -tree form 5 galAssorted Rose of Sharon tree form- 5 gal-2
Juniperus sc.'Moonglow'- 10gaMoonglow' Juniper- 10 gal (20'x12' mature size)0
Juniperus sc.'Moonglow'-15 galMoonglow' Juniper- 15 gal0
Juniperus scopulorum- 5 galRocky Mountain Juniper- 5 gal0
Juniperus sc.''Wichita Bl.'-15gWichita Blue' Juniper- 15 gal--
Juniperus v. 'Blue Arrow'- 10 gBlue Arrow' Columnar Upright Juniper- 10 gal1
Juniperus v. 'Blue Arrow'-15 gBlue Arrow' Columnar Upright Juniper- 15 gal1
Juniperus v. 'Blue Arrow'-5 galBlue Arrow' Columnar Upright Juniper- 5 gal35
Koelreuteria paniculata- 1.75"Goldenrain Tree- 1.75"1
Koelreuteria paniculata-3"Goldenrain Tree- 3"0
Lagerstroemia 'Arapaho'- 15 ga;Arapaho' Crepe Myrtle (red)- 15 gal, tree form0
Lagerstroemia, assorted-24" boxAssorted Crepe Myrtle Boxed- 24" box2
Lagerstroemia, assorted- 3 galAssorted Crepe Myrtle- 3 gal-1
Lagerstroemia, assorted-5g BUSHAssorted Crepe Myrtle- 5 gal, bush form4
Lagerstroemia 'Catawba'- 15 gal tree formCatawba' Purple Crepe Myrtle Tree- 15 gal, tree form4
Lagerstroemia 'Catawba'- multiCatawba' Crepe Myrtle (purple)- 15 gal, multi0
Lagerstroemia 'Centennial SpiriCentennial Spirit' Crepe Myrtle (red)- 15 gal, tree form0
Lagerstroemia 'Dynamite'- 15galDynamite' Crepe Myrtle (red)- 15 gal std.7
Lagerstroemia 'Dynamite'- 15, mDynamite' Crepe Myrtle (red)- 15 gal, multi5
Lagerstroemia 'Enduring Lav.'-5Enduring Summer Lavender' Compact Crepe Myrtle (compact)- 5 gal1
Lagerstroemia 'Enduring Red' -5Enduring Summer Red' Crepe Myrtle (compact)- 5 gal11
Lagerstroemia 'Muskogee'- multiMuskogee' Crape Myrtle (light lavender)- 15 gal, multi3
Lagerstroemia 'Muskogee'- stdMuskogee' Crape Myrtle (light lavender)- 15 gal std.2
Lagerstroemia 'Natchez'-15 galNatchez' Crape Myrtle (white)- std., 15 gal1
Lagerstroemia 'Natchez'- multiNatchez' Crape Myrtle (white)-15 gal multi2
Lagerstroemia 'Red'- 15 gal, muRed Rocket'' Crape Myrtle- 15gal, multi0
Lagerstroemia 'Red std- 15 galRed Rocket' Crape Myrtle, standard- 15 gal0
Lagerstroemia 'Tuskarora' multiTuskarora' Crape Myrtle (watermelon red)- multi-trunk, 15 gal3
Lagerstroemia 'Tuskarora' std.-Tuskarora' Crape Myrtle (watermelon red)- std., 15 gal6
Lagerstroemia 'Twilight'-15gTwilight' Crepe Myrtle- Purple -15 gal multi1
Lagerstroemia 'Twilight'- 15 gaTwilight' Purple Crape Myrtle- 15 gal Std.0
Lagerstroemia 'Zuni'- 15 g,stdZuni' Crape Myrtle (purple)- 15 gal, std0
Lagerstroemia 'Zuni' m. - 15 gaZuni' Crape Myrtle (purple)-15 gal, multi2
Laurus nobilis- 5galBay leaf Laurel- 3 or 5 gal2
Laurus nobilis- tree form 15galBay Leaf Laurel- tree form 15 gallon3
Liquidambar 'Burgundy Blush'-25Burgundy Blush' Seedless Sweetgum tree- 25 gal1
Liquidambar 'Rotundiloba'- 1.7"Rotundiloba Sweetgum (seedless) - 1.75"--
Liriodendron 'Fastigiata'1.75Columnar Tulip Tree- 1-3/4"4
Liriodendron 'Fastigiata'-2+"Fastigiate' Tulip Tree- 2-1/4"0
Liriodendron tulipfera-2.25"Tulip Tree-2-1/4"2
Maackia amurensis - 1-3/4""Maacnificent' Amur Maackia - 1-3/4"6
Magnolia 'Ann"- 3-4'Ann' Magnolia- 3-4'1
Magnolia 'Black Tulip'- 1-1/4"+Black Tulip' Magnolia (dark purple)- 1-1/4"+0
Magnolia 'Butterflies'- 1-1/4"Butterflies' Magnolia (yellow)- 1-1/4"1
Magnolia 'Butterfly'- 5 galButterfly' Yellow Magnolia- 5 gal14
Magnolia 'Galaxy'- 5-6' multiGalaxy' Saucer Magnolia (pink)- 5-6' multi2
Magnolia g. 'Edith Bogue'- 20 gEdith Bogue' Evergreen Magnolia-white-20 gallon7
Magnolia g.''Kay Parris- 15 galKay Parris' compact Evergreen Magnolia- 15 gal1
Magnolia g. 'Little Gem'- 15 gaLittle Gem' Evergreen Magnolia- 15 gal, std or natural3
Magnolia g. 'Little Gem'- 24" bLittle Gem' Evergreen Magnolia- 24" box, espaliered5
Magnolia grandiflora- 15 galEvergreen Southern Magnolia- 15 gallon2
Magnolia g. 'Victoria'- 10 galVictoria' Evergreen Magnolia-white-10 gal34
Magnolia kobus- 1.25-1.5"Kobus Magnolia (white blooms)- 1.25-1.5"0
Magnolia 'Leonard Messel'-10 gaLeonard Messel' Magnolia (large, dark outer/light pink inner)- 10 gal, multi-trunk, 4-5' tall1
Magnolia 'Leonard Messel'-6-7'Leonard Messel' Magnolia- 6-7'1
Magnolia macrophylla- 2"Bigleaf Magnolia- 2"0
Magnolia macrophylla -5-6'Bigleaf Magnolia- 5-6'2
Magnolia 'Rustica Rubra'- 1.25"Rustica Rubra' Magnolia- 1.25", tree form1
Magnolia 'Rustica Rubra'- 1.5"Rustica Rubra' Magnolia- 1.5" tree form0
Magnolia sieboldii -5-6'Oyama Deciduous Magnolia (fragrant, white flowers with red filaments)- 5-6'1
Magnolia st. 'Royal Star'-10 gaRoyal Star' Star Magnolia-white- 10 gal0
Magnolia st. 'Royal Star'-3-4Royal Star' Star Magnolia- 3'-4'13
Magnolia 'Susan'-3-4'Susan' Magnolia- 3-4'3
Magnolia 'Vulcan'-1.25"Vulcan' Magnolia (dark purple-red)- 1.25"3
Magnolia 'Vulcan'- 1.5"Vulcan' Magnolia (dark purple-red)- 1.5"1
Magnolia x 'Jane Platt'- 15 galJane Platt' Magnolia (late blooming, magenta)- 15 gal0
Magnolia x 'Rustica Rubra'- 6-7Rustica Rubra' Pink Saucer Magnolia -6-7' +, multi0
Magnolia x 'Wada's Memory'Wada's Memory' Hybrid Magnolia (white)- 1-1/2"0
Magnolia x 'Wada's Memory'- 1"Wada's Memory' Magnolia (white blooms )- 1"2
Malus 'Indian Magic' -1-1/4"Indian Magic' Crabapple (deep pink flowers, orange-red fruit)- 20 gal, 1-1/4"1
Malus 'Jewelcole'- 1.5"Red Jewel' Crabapple- 1.5"0
Malus ' KW-207'- 15 galSparkling Sprite' Crabapple (compact, white blooms, yellow-orange fruit)- 15 gal1
Malus 'KW-214MX'- 15gIvory Spear' (R) Flowering Crabapple (columnar, white flowers, red fruit)- 15gal0
Malus 'Perfect Purple'- 15 galPerfect Purple' Flowering Crabapple (pink flowers, purple foliage, red fruits)- 15gal0
Malus 'R. Raindrops'-2"Royal Raindrops' Crabapple- 2"0
Malus 'Sutyzam'- 1.5"Sugar Time' Crabapple- 1-1/2"0
Nyssa sylvatica- 1-1/2"Black Tupelo/Sour Gum- 1-1/2"3
Nyssa sylvatica- 1-1/4"Black Tupelo/Sour Gum- 1-1/4"2
Nyssa sylvatica- 1-3/4"Black Tupelo/Sour Gum- 1-3/4"5
Nyssa sylvatica- 2"Black Tupelo/Sour Gum- 2"2
Nyssa sylv. 'Red Rage'- 1-3/4"Red Rage' Black Tupelo/Sour Gum- 1-3/4"1
Nyssa sylv. 'Wildfire'-10 galWildfire' Black Tupelo/Sour Gum- 10 gal8
Nyssa 'Tupelo Tower'- 1.5"Tupelo Tower' Sour Gum (upright habit)- 1.5"1
Oemleria cerasiformis- 5galIndian Plum (native)- 5 gal4
Olea 'Fruitless'- 15 galFruitless' Olive- 15 gal, multi2
Ostrya virginiana- 1-1/2"Eastern Hop Hornbeam- 1-1/2"3
Ostrya virginiana- 1-1/4"Eastern Hophornbeam- 1-1/4""3
Ostrya vir. 'JFS-KW5'- 10 galAutumn Treasure' (R) Hophornbeam- 10 gal4
Oxydendrum arboreum-15 galSourwood- 15 gal0
Parrotia 'Persian Spire'- 1-1/2Persian Spire' Ironwood- 1-1/2"4
Parrotia 'Persian Spire'-1-1/4"Persian Spire' Columnar Persian Ironwood (25' x 10' at maturity)- 1-1/4"4
Parrotia 'Persian Spire'- 1-3/4Persian Spire' Columnar Persian Ironwood - 1-3/4"9
Parrotia 'Persian Spire'- 2"Persian Spire' Columnar Persian Ironwood- 2"9
Parrotia persica- 1-1/4"Persian Ironwood (30' x 20' at maturity)- 1-1/4"0
Parrotia persica- 1-3/4"Persian Ironwood- 1-3/4"0
Parrotia persica- 15 galPersian Ironwood tree- 15 gal7
Parrotia persica- 2"Persian Ironwood- 2"0
Parrotia persica- 3" calPersian Ironwood- 3" cal0
Parrotia persica- 5 galPersian Ironwood- 5 gal3
Parrotia per. 'Vanessa'- 10 galVanessa' Columnar Persian Ironwood- 10 gal10
Parrotia per. 'Vanessa'- 1-3/4"Vanessa' Columnar Persian Ironwood- 1-3/4"3
Parrotia per. 'Vanessa'- 2"Vanessa' Columnar Persian Ironwood- 2"16
Parrotia p. 'Persian Spire'- 10Persian Spire' (TM) Persian Ironwood- 10 gal20
Parrotia ' Vanessa'- 1-1/4"Vanessa' Persian Ironwood (28' T x 14' W at maturity)- 1-1/4"10
Picea glauca 'Hudson'- 6galHudson' White Spruce (compact)- 6 gal3
Picea p. 'Baby Blue'- 15 galBaby Blue' Colorado Blue Spruce- 15 gal0
Picea p. 'Baby Blue Eye'- 5 galBaby Blue Eyes' Colorado Blue Spruce- 5 gal3
Picea p. 'Baby Blue Eyes'- 5-6'Baby Blue Eyes' Colorado Blue Spruce (slow growing to 15-30' T x 15' W at maturity)- 5-6'0
Picea p. 'Bacheri'- 5-6'Bacheri' Colorado Blue Spruce- 5-6'5
Picea p. 'Bacheri'- 6-7'Bacheri' Blue Spruce- 6-7'0
Picea p. 'Fat Albert'- 4-5'Fat Albert' Blue Spruce- 4-5'0
Picea p. 'Glauca Prostrata-18-2Glauca Prostrata' Spreading Colorado Blue Spruce- 18-21"0
Picea pun. 'Bacheri'-4-5'Bacheri' Blue Spruce- 4-5'0
Picea pungens 'Fastigiata'- 4-5Columnar Colorado Blue Spruce- 4-5'0
Picea pungens 'Fat Albert'- 15Fat Albert' Blue Spruce- 15 ga0
Picea pungens 'Fat Albert'-3-4'Fat Albert' Colorado Blue Spruce- 3-4'0
Picea pungens 'Fat Albert'-5-6'Fat Albert' Colorado Blue Spruce- 5-6'4
Picea pungens glauca- 4-5'Colorado Blue Spruce-4-5'1
Picea pungens glauca- 5'-6'Colorado Blue Spruce- 5'-6'5
Picea pungens 'Globosa'-15-18"Globosa' Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce- 15-18"1
Picea pungens 'Globosa'- 15 galGlobosa' Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce- 18-24", 15 gal0
Picea pungens 'The Blues'- 3'The Blues' Weeping Colorado Blue Spruce- 3'-4'0
Picea pungens 'The Blues'-4'-5'The Blues' Weeping Colorado Blue Spruce- 4'-5'0
Picea pungens 'The Blues'-boxedThe Blues' Weeping Blue Spruce- 6-7', boxed specimen2
Picea pun. 'Globosa' -3 galGlobosa' Blue Spruce-3gal3
Pinus aristata- 5-6'Bristlecone Pine- 5-6'0
Pinus bungeana-10 galLacebark Pine-10 gal3
Pinus bungeana - 25galLacebark Pine -25gal--
Pinus cembra 'Chalet'- 6'-7'Chalet' Swiss Stone Pine- 6'-7''0
Pinus cembra 'Glauca Nana'- 7gaGlauca Nana' Dwarf Blue Swiss Stone Pine- 7 gal' (matures at 12' x 6')4
Pinus c. murrayana-5 galMurrayana Pine (native)- 5 gal3
Pinus den. 'Umbraculifera C.Compact Tanyosho Pine- 5gal4
Pinus edulis- 3 galTwo-needled Pinyon Pine- 3 gal0
Pinus fl. 'Vanderwolf'- 5-6'Vanderwolf' Pine- 5-6'17
Pinus fl. 'Vanderwolf'- 6-7'Vanderwolf Pine- 6-7'0
Pinus f. 'Vanderwolf'- 4-5'Vanderwolf' Limber Pine- 4-5'0
Pinus jeffreyi- 5 galJeffrey Pine- 5 gal0
Pinus n. 'Green Tower'- 5-6'Green Tower' Columnar Austrian Pine (3' W x 8' T at maturity)- 5-6'1
Pinus n. 'Hornbrookiana'- 5 galHornbrookiana' Dwarf Austrian Pine- 5 gal0
Pinus nigra- 5-6'Austrian Pine- 5-6'4
Pinus nigra- 6-7'Austrian Pine- 6-7'0
Pinus n. 'Oregon Green'- 3-4'Oregon Green' Compact Austrian PIne- 3-4'--
Pinus n. 'Oregon Green'- 3'-4'Oregon Green' Compact Austrian Pine- 3'-4'-1
Pinus n. 'Oregon Green'- 4-5'Oregon Green' Compact Austrian Pine (10' at 10 years)-4-5'4
Pinus n. 'Oregon Green'- 5'Oregon Green' Compact Pine- 5'0
Pinus n. 'Oregon Green'- 5-6'Oregon Green' Compact Austrian Pine- 5-6'3
Pinus n. 'Oregon Green'- 5 galOregon Green' Compact Austrian Pine- 5 gal10
Pinus n. 'Oregon Green'- 6-7'Oregon Green' Compact Austrian Pine- 6-7'0
Pinus n. 'Oregon Green'- 7-8'Oregon Green' Compact Austrian Pine- 7-8'0
Pinus ponderosa- 10 galPonderosa Pine- 10 gal0
Pinus ponderosa- 4 - 5'Ponderosa Pine - 4-5'--
Pinus ponderosa- 5 - 6'Pondersosa Pine- 5-6'0
Pinus ponderosa- 7 - 8'Ponderosa Pine- 7-8'5
Pinus st. 'Nana'- 18" stdNana' Dwarf White Pine- 18 " std.5
Pinus sy. 'Green Pengiun'- 7gaGreen Penguin' Dwarf Scotch Pine- 7gal1
Pinus sy. 'Green Penguin'- 3-4'Green Penguin' Dwarf Scotch Pine- 3-4'1
Pinus sy. 'Hillside Creeper'-Hillside Creeper' Dwarf Scotch Pine-24-30"2
Pinus sy. 'Hillside Creeper'- 3Hillside Creeper' Dwarf Scotch Pine- 3 gal21
Pinus syl. 'Fastigiate'- 15 gaFastigiate Scotch Pine - 15 gal,5-6'4
Pinus sylvestris- 6-7'Scotch Pine- 6-7'0
Pinus t. 'Thunderhead'- 3-4'Thunderhead' Compact Japanese Black Pine- 3-4'0
Pinus t. 'Thunderhead'- 5-6'Thunderhead' Compact Japanese Black Pine- 5-6'0
Pinus t. 'Thunderhead'- B&B, 4-5'Thunderhead' Compact Japanese Black Pine- B&B, 4-5'6
Pistacia chinensis- 1"Chinese Pistache - 1"29
Pistacia chinensis- 1-1/2"Chinese Pistache- 1-1/2", 20 gal6
Pistacia chinensis- 1 1/4"Chinese Pistache - 1 1/4"16
Pistacia chinensis- 1-3/4-2"Chinese Pistache- 1-3/4-2"-1
Pistacia chinensis- 2-1/4"+Chinese Pistache- 2-1/4"+-1
Pistacia chinensis -3/4"Chinese Pistache- 10 gal, 3/4"0
Pistacia ch. 'Keith Davey- 5galKeith Davey' Chinese Pistache- 5 gal0
Populus d. 'Siouxland'- 5 galSiouxland' Cottonless Poplar- 5 gal13
Populus 'Siouxland'- 1.5"Cottonless Poplar- 1.5"5
Populus 'Siouxland'- 2"Siouxland' ,Cottonless Poplar- 2"1
Populus 'Summer Shimmer' - 1"Summer Shimmer' Quaking Aspen-1", 10 gal0
Populus 'Summer Shimmer'- 10 gaSummer Shimmer' Aspen- 10 gal1
Populus 'Summer Shimmer- 1.25 "Summer Shimmer' Quaking Aspen-1 1/4"1
Populus tremula 'Erecta' -1-3/4Swedish Columnar Aspen - 1-3/46
Populus tremuloides-10 galQuaking Aspen- 10 gal, 3/4"5
Populus tremuloides-1-1/4"Quaking Aspen-1-1/4"2
Populus tremuloides-1-3/4"Quaking Aspen- 1-3/4", single2
Prunus 'Dble Pink Weeping'-10gDouble Pink Weeping' Flowering Cherry- 5', 10 gal0
Prunus 'Krauter Vesuvius'-1 1/4Krauter Vesuvius' Purpleleaf Flowering Plum- 1-1/4"16
Prunus 'Krauter Vesuvius'-1.5"Krauter Vesuvius' Purpleleaf Flowering Plum- 1-1/2"11
Prunus 'Krauter Vesuvius'- 2+"Krauter Vesuvius' Purpleleaf Flowering Plum- 2+"0
Prunus 'Kwanzan'- 1-1/2"Kwanzan' Flowering Cherry- 1-1/2"1
Prunus 'Kwanzan'- 1-1/4"Kwanzan' Flowering Cherry (double pink)- 1-1/4"0
Prunus 'Shogetsu'- 15 galShogetsu' White Flowering Cherry-15 gal1
Prunus 'Snow Goose'- 1"Snow Goose' Flowering Cherry- 1"0
Prunus vir. 'Canada Red'- 1"Canada Red' Chokecherry- 1"0
Prunus vir. 'Canada Red'-20 galCanada Red' Chokecherry tree-20 gal, multi1
Prunus vir. 'Canada Red'- multiCanada Red' Chokecherry- 10 gal, multi0
Prunus x 'Snofozam'- 1-1/2"Snow Fountains' Weeping Flowering Cherry- 1-1/2"0
Prunus x 'Snowfozam'-15 galSnow Fountains' Weeping Flowering Cherry-15 gal0
Prunus x yed. 'Akebono'-1-1/2"Akebono' Yoshino Flowering Cherry (single, pink, compact)- 1-1/2"1
Prunus x yed. 'Akebono'- 2"Akebono' Yoshino Flowering Cherry (single, pink, compact)- 2"0
Pseudotsuga menziesii- 4-5'Douglas Fir- 4-5'4
Pseudotsuga menziesii- 5-6'Douglas Fir- 5-6'0
Pseudotsuga menziesii- 5 galDouglas Firs- 5 gal0
Pyrus cal. 'Aristocrat'-2"Aristocrat' Flowering Pear- 2"1
Pyrus 'Chanitcleer'- 2"Chanticleer' Flowering Pear- 2"10
Pyrus 'Chanticleer'- 1"Chanticleer' Flowering Pear- 1"--
Pyrus 'Chanticleer'- 1-1/2"Chanticleer' Flowering Pear- 1-1/2"0
Pyrus 'Chanticleer'- 1-1/4"Chanticleer' Flowering Pear- 1-1/4"--
Pyrus 'Chanticleer' - 1-3/4"Chanticleer' Flowering Pear- 1-3/4"0
Pyrus 'Chanticleer'- 2-1/2"Chanticleer' Flowering Pear- 2-1/2"5
Pyrus 'Chanticleer'- 2-1/4"Chanticleer' Flowering Pear- 2-1/4"8
Pyrus 'Chanticleer'- 5 galChanticleer' Pear- 5 gal--
Pyrus 'Jack'- 1-1/2"Jack' Compact Flowering Pear- 1-1/2"0
Pyrus 'Jack'- 2"Jack' Compact Flowering Pear- 2"1
Quercus agrifolia- 15galCalifornia Live Oak (CA native)- 15gal4
Quercus chrysolepis- 3 galCanyon Live Oak (native)- 3 gal8
Quercus coccinea-1-1/2"Scarlet Oak-1-1/2"0
Quercus coccinea- 1-3/4"Scarlet Oak- 1-3/4"2
Quercus coccinea- 2"Scarlet Oak- 2"0
Quercus coccinea- 2-1/2"Scarlet Oak- 2-1/2"6
Quercus 'Crimson Spire'- 1-1/2"Crimson Spire' Columnar Oak- 1-1/2"6
Quercus 'Crimson Spire'- 1-1/4"Crimson Spire' Columnar Oak- 1-1/4"0
Quercus durata- 2 galLeather Oak (N. CA native, shrubby)- 2 gal10
Quercus f. 'Schmidt'- 2"Forest Green (R) Oak- J Frank Schmidt- 2"8
Quercus garryana- 1"Oregon White Oak- 1"-1.25"4
Quercus garryana- 1-1/2"Oregon White Oak- 1-1/2"0
Quercus garryana- 1.75"-2"Oregon White Oak- 1.75"-2"0
Quercus garryana-5 galOregon White Oak-5gal14
Quercus ilex- 15galHolly Oak (Med. native)- 15 gal5
Quercus kelloggii- 2 galBlack Oak (native)- 2 gal9
Quercus lobata- 15 galValley Oak (CA native)- 15 gal8
Quercus macrocarpa-2"Bur Oak- 2"+2
Quercus p. 'Green Pillar'-1"Green Pillar' Oak- 1"16
Quercus phellos--15 galWillow Oak- 15 gal3
Quercus phellos- 1.75"-2"Willow Oak- 1.75"-2"3
Quercus phellos- 2-1/2"Willow Oak- 2-1/2"2
Quercus r. 'Skinny Genes'- 1.2Skinny Genes' (R) Oak- 1-1/4"5
Quercus rubra- 1-1/2Red Oak- 1-1/2"0
Quercus rubra-1-3/4"Red Oak-1-3/4"1
Quercus rubra- 2"Red Oak- 2"1
Quercus rubra- 2-1/2"Red Oak- 2-1/2"2
Quercus shumardii- 2-1/2"Shumardii Oak- 2-1/2"0
Quercus wislizenii-15 galInterior Live Oak (CA native)- 15 gal8
Quercus x Kindred Spirit -1.75Kindred Spirit' Hybrid Oak- 1-3/4" (35'T x 6' W)5
Rhamnus purshiana - 15 galCascara - 15 gal (PNW native, 15-25', moist soil )2
Rhamnus purshiana- 5 galCascara- 5 gal2
Salix alba 'Niobe'- 15galGolden Weeping Willow- 15gal0
Salix babylonica-15 galWeeping Willow- 15 gal0
Sassafras albidium- 2"Sassafras tree- 2"2
Sequoiadendron giganteum-15 galGiant Sequoia- 15 gal6
Sequoia sempervirens- 5 galCoast Redwood- 5 gal-6
Sequoia semp. varieties- 15Coast Redwood- 15 gal-3
Stewartia pseudocamellia- 1.25"Japanese Stewartia- 1-1/4" +1
Styrax japonica- 1-1/2"Japanese Snowbell- 1-1/2"3
Styrax obassia- 1-3/4"Fragrant Japanese Snowbell-1-3/4"2
Syringa ret. 'Ivory Silk'-10gIvory Silk' Tree Lilac- 10 gal, multi2
Syringa ret. 'Ivory Silk'-1 1/2Ivory Silk' Tree Lilac- 1-1/2", tree form3
Syringa ret. 'Ivory Silk'-1.25Ivory Silk' Tree Lilac - 1 1/4"0
Syringa ret. 'Ivory Silk'1-3/4"Ivory Silk' Tree Lilac- 1-3/4"3
Thuja 'Green Giant'- 5-6'Green Giant' Arborvitae- 5-6'9
Thuja 'Green Giant'- 5 galGreen Giant' Arborvitae- 5 gal11
Thuja oc. 'Smaragd'- 3-4',5 galEmerald Green' Arborvitae-3-4', 5 ga14
Thuja oc. 'Smargad'-5-6', 10 gaEmerald Green' Arborvitae- 5-6', 10 gallon40
Thuja oc. 'Smargad'- 5-6' B&BEmerald Green' Arborvitae- 5-6' B&B22
Thuja p. 'Excelsa'- 10galExcelsa' Western Red Cedar- 10 gal6
Thuja pl. 'Excelsa'-5-6'Excelsa' Western Red Cedar- 5-6' (40'T x 15' W at maturity)0
Thuja pl. 'Excelsa'-6-7'Excelsa' Western Red Cedar-6-7'1
Thuja pl. x st.'Virginian'-4-5'Virginian' Improved Green Giant Arborvitae (15' T x 6' W at maturity, needs well drained soil)- 4-5'0
Tilia am. 'Redmond'- 1-1/2"Redmond' American Linden Tree- 1-1/2"0
Tilia am. 'Redmond'- 1-3/4"Redmond' American Linden Tree- 1-3/4"4
Tilia am. 'Redmond'- 2"Redmond' American Linden Tree- 2"5
Tilia cor. 'Greenspire'-1.75Greenspire' Littleleaf Linden- 1-3/4"7
Tilia cor. 'Greenspire'-2"Greenspire' Littleleaf Linden tree- 2"+5
Tilia cor. 'Halka'- 2"Summer Sprite' Compact Linden Tree (20' x 15' at maturity)- 2"0
Tilia tom. 'Sterling'- 1-1/4"Sterling' Silver Linden- 1-1/4" +2
Tilia tom. 'Sterling'- 1-3/4"Sterling' Silver Linden- 1-3/4"4
Tilia tom. 'Sterling'-2.5"Sterling' Silver Linden-2 1/2"1
Tilia x mongolica 'Harvest GoldHarvest Gold' Linden Tree (40' T x 30' W at maturity)- 25 gal, 2-1/2"6
Trachycarpus fortunei- 10 galWindmill Fan Palm- 10 gal1
Trachycarpus fortunei- 15 galWindmill Palm- 15 gal3
Trachycarpus fortunei- 5 galWindmill Fan Palm- 5 gal4
Tsuga c. 'Gentsh's White'-2 gGentsh's White' Hemlock- 2 gal0
Ulmus,'City Choice'- 1-1/4"City Choice' Elm- 1-1/4"10
Ulmus 'Frontier'- 2+"Frontier' Elm- 2+"1
Ulmus 'Jefferson'- 1 3/4"Jefferson' Elm- 1 3/4"1
Zelkova 'Green Vase'- 1-1/4"Green Vase' Zelkova- 1-1/4"8
Zelkova 'Green Vase'- 1-3/4"Green Vase' Zelkova- 1-3/4"3
Zelkova 'Musashino'- 1-3/4"Musashino' Columnar Zelkova- 1-3/4"1
Zelkova 'Musashino'- 1.5"Musashino' Columnar Zelkova- 1-1/2"8
Zelkova 'Musashino'-2"Musashino' Columnar Zelkova- 2"5
Zelkova 'Musashino' - 2-1/2"Musashino' Columnar Zelkova - 2-1/2""7
Zelkova s. City Sprite-- 1-3/4"City Sprite (R) Zelkova-PP#20996-J Frank Schmidt- 1-3/4"1
Zelkova s. City Sprite- 2-1/2"City Sprite (R) Zelkova-PP#20996-J Frank Schmidt- 2-1/2"0
Zelkova s. 'Schmidtlow'- 1-1/2"Wireless (R) Zelkova- 1-1/2"4
Zelkova s. 'Schmidtlow'- 1-3/4"Wireless (R) Zelkova- J Frank Schmidt- (24' tall x 36' wide at maturity)- 1-3/4"4
Zelkova s. 'Schmidtlow'- 2.5"Wireless (R) Zelkova-J Frank Schmidt- 2.5"1
Zelkova 'Village Green'- 10 galVillage Green' Zelkova- 10 gal4


Akebia quinata- 1 galFive Finger Vine- 1 gal16
Campsis assorted- 1 galAssorted Trumpet Vine- 1gal3
Campsis ' Flava'- 1 galFlava' Yellow Trumpet Vine- 1 gal2
Clematis armandii-1 galEvergreen Clematis- 1 gal0
Clematis armandii- 5 galEvergreen Clematis- 5 gal0
Clematis, assorted- 1 galAssorted Clematis Vine- 1 gal21
Clematis, assorted- 5 galAssorted Clematis Vine- 5 gal5
Humulus lup. 'Aurea'- 1 galGolden Hops Vine- 1gal2
Hydrangea petiolaris- 7galClimbing Hydrangea Vine-7 gal0
Jasminium off. 'Fiona Sunrise'Fiona Sunrise' Jasmine- 1 gal0
Lonicera j. 'Halliana'- 1 g.Halliana' Honeysuckle vine- 1 gal40
Lonicera j. 'Halliana'- 2 galHalliana' Honeysuckle Vine-2 gal and 3 gal0
Lonicera pe. Serotina- 1 galSerotina' Honeysuckle- 1 gal3
Lonicera semp. 'Major Wheeler'Major Wheeler' Honeysuckle (red)- 1 gal3
Lonicera x heckrotti 'GoldflameGoldflame' Honeysuckle (pink w/ yellow, very fragrant)- 1 gal4
Parthenocissus henryana- 1 galSilvervein Creeper- 1 gal0
Parthenocissus quinquefolia-1 gVirginia Creeper- 1 gal31
Parthenocissus tricuspidata- 1Boston Ivy- 1 gal0
Parthenocissus tricuspidata- 3Boston Ivy- 3 gal--
Parthenocissus tricuspidata-5gBoston Ivy- 5gal--
Passiflora caerulea - 2 galHardy Passion Flower- 2 gal--
Rosa Climbing- 2 galAssorted Climing Rose- 2 gal-2
Rosa Climbing -3 or 5galAssorted Climbing Rose- 3 gal or 5 gal16
Trachelospermum a. 'Ogon NishikOgon Nishiki' Asiatic Jasmine (yellow variegated)- 1 gal0
Trachelospermum asiaticum- 1galAsiatic Jasmine- 1 gal13
Trachelospermum asiaticum- 2 gaAsiatic Jasmine-2 gal9
Trachelospermum asiaticum- 5 gAsiatic Spreading Jasmine- 5 ga0
Trachelospermum jasmino-1gal,stStar Jasmine- 1 gal, staked14
Trachelospermum jasminoid-5g.Star Jasmine- 5 gal, bush form19
Trachelospermum jasminoides- 1Star jasmine- 1 gal, bush form6
Trachelospermum jasminoides- 5Star Jasmine- 5 gal, staked10
Trachelospermum jasminoides-5 eStar Jasmine- 5 gal ,espaliered0
Wisteria 'Assorted'- 1 galAssorted Wisteria- 1 gal4
Wisteria, Assorted- 5 galWisteria Vine (dark purple)- 5 gal4