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Pre-Planned Plant Collections

Curated for Gardening Ease

Waterwise Garden Jewel Tones Collection

This waterwise design will give you color and interest throughout the year as well as using less water and resources. This collection works well in full sun to at least 6 hours of sun in the Rogue Valley in southern Oregon (USDA Zone 7b). All of the plants are drought tolerant – see our How to Water Guide (PDF). Well-draining soil will suit them best. Most of them are deer resistant as well, although it can always depend on your resident deer population.

Our Landscape Designers have curated some wonderful plant collections to make it easier for you enjoy beautiful, well thought out gardens that will thrive in the Rogue Valley climate. The collections include vignettes that complement each other and give all season interest, along with arrangement instructions, plant descriptions and spacing guidelines. The work is done! 

Order your plant collection to have it ready for pickup at the nursery and enjoy a 10% discount. Each collection includes a planting plan for a 90-100 square foot bed. If your space is larger, feel free to repeat the scheme and order more than one collection. Appropriate substitutions may be made depending on plant availability.

Helianthemum 'Henfield Brilliant' (Rock Rose) in waterwise jewel tones garden

Helianthemum ‘Henfield Brilliant’ (Sunrose) is a shrubby ground cover perennial in a waterwise jewel tones garden

Want more help?

If you’d like more help with plant, shrub and/or tree selection or assistance with your landscape design, get details on our Design & Consult page about what types of services we provide. 

deer resistant


drought tolerant


hummingbird favorite


pollinator attractor


CER - Ceratostigma plumbago (Hardy Plumbago)

CER – Ceratostigma plumbago (Hardy Plumbago)

6” H x 18-24” W

deer resistantdrought tolerantpollinator attractor

Herbaceous perennial with cobalt blue flowers late summer into fall; foliage turns bright red for a month before going dormant

EUP - Euphorbia ‘Tiny Tim’ (Compact Spurge)

EUP – Euphorbia ‘Tiny Tim’ (Compact Spurge)

12” H x 12” W

deer resistantdrought tolerantpollinator attractor

Evergreen perennial with green foliage that turns red tones in cold weather; chartreuse flower bracts early spring into summer; cut spent flower stems to base

HEL - Helianthemum ‘Henfield Brilliant’ (Sunrose)

HEL – Helianthemum ‘Henfield Brilliant’ (Sunrose)

4” H x 18-24” W

drought tolerant

Evergreen, shrubby ground cover perennial with copper orange blooms in April; nice sage green foliage throughout the year; lightly shear after bloom

PHL - Phlomis fruticosa (Jerusalem Sage)

PHL – Phlomis fruticosa (Jerusalem Sage)

3-4’ H x 3-5’ W

deer resistantdrought tolerant

Shrubby perennial with unusual yellow blooms in late spring and fuzzy evergreen foliage

SAL - Salvia ‘Heatwave Blaze’ (Red Hybrid Autumn Sage)

SAL – Salvia ‘Heatwave Blaze’ (Red Hybrid Autumn Sage)

30” H x 36” W

deer resistantdrought toleranthummingbird favoritepollinator attractor

Bushy, woody-stemmed autumn sage that blooms from May to frost; shear back in early spring

SAL C. - Salvia ‘Caradonna’ (Purple Upright Sage)

SAL C. – Salvia ‘Caradonna’ (Purple Upright Sage)

24-30” H x 24” W

deer resistantdrought toleranthummingbird favoritepollinator attractor

Perennial with deep purple blooms in late spring; can repeat bloom when sheared back

SCH - Schizachryium ‘Blaze’ (‘Blaze’ Little Bluestem Grass)

SCH – Schizachryium ‘Blaze’ (‘Blaze’ Little Bluestem Grass)

2-3’ H x 15” W

deer resistantdrought tolerant

Upright, ornamental grass with green summer foliage turns blazing red-orange in fall and bronze in winter; cut back in early spring

VER - Veronica ‘Georgia Blue’ (Creeping Speedwell)

VER – Veronica ‘Georgia Blue’ (Creeping Speedwell)

4” H x 12-18” W

deer resistantpollinator attractor

Evergreen perennial with deep blue flowers in early spring; foliage turns burgundy in cool weather; shear back after bloom

Ask About Delivery!

Shooting Star offers truck and trailer delivery of your plants. Or, if you have transportation, the staff will assemble your order and assist with loading your vehicle. We deliver to anywhere in the Rogue Valley vicinity including Central Point, Medford, Talent, Phoenix, Ashland, Eagle Point, Shady Cove, and Grants Pass. We can also deliver to areas beyond the Rogue Valley with advance notice.