Pollinator Garden Shade Mix Collection

Curated by Bonni and Christie, Landscape Designers at Shooting Star Nursery

Our Designers have curated some wonderful plant collections to make it easier for you enjoy beautiful, well thought out gardens that will thrive in the Rogue Valley climate. The collections include vignettes that complement each other and give all season interest, along with arrangement instructions, plant descriptions and spacing guidelines. The work is done!

honeybee on fleabane flowerThis mix is ideal for areas with morning sun and afternoon shade, although many of the plants are quite versatile and tolerant of more or less sun. As in any good pollinator garden, there are blooms spanning late winter through fall in order to provide a continuous food source for all our favorite winged and crawling friends. Grassy plants have also been included for habitat, offering hiding places for over-wintering beneficial insects and nest building supplies for other wildlife.

Order your plant collection to have it ready for pickup at the nursery and enjoy a 10% discount. The collection includes a planting plan for a 90-100 square foot bed. If your space is larger, feel free to repeat the scheme and order more than one collection.

Deer Resistant


Drought Tolerant


Hummingbird Favorite


Pollinator Attractor


The Pollinator Garden Shade Mix Collection includes the following plants:
(designers can make appropriate substitutions depending on seasonal inventory)

Blue Wood Aster
pollinator attractor plant
AST - Aster c. ‘Avondale’ (Blue Wood Aster) – an American native with masses of pale blue flowers in fall, 2-3’ H x 2’ W
Coral Bells
drought tolerant planthummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
HEU - Heuchera s. ‘Bressingham Hybrids’ (Coral Bells) – waxy scalloped clumps of foliage with airy spikes of pinkish red flowers, 12-18” H x 12” W
Western Columbine
drought tolerant planthummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
AQU - Aquilegia formosa (Western Columbine) – native to open woodlands, little red and yellow lanterns dangle stop tall stems over delicate foliage, can re-seed, 24-36” H x 18” W
Lily Turf
pollinator attractor plant
LIR - Liriope muscari (Lily Turf) – thick, strappy foliage is evergreen and sports purple flower spikes in fall like grape hyacinth, 12-18” H x 18” W
Korean Feather Reed Grass
“deerpollinator attractor plant
CAL - Calamagrostis brachytricha (Korean Feather Reed Grass) – cool season grass with fabulous plumes exploding like fireworks come fall, accentuated by back-lighting, 3-4’ H x 3’ W
Creeping Oregon Grape
“deerdrought tolerant plantpollinator attractor plant
MAH - Mahonia repens (Creeping Oregon Grape) – tough as nails native evergreen, foliage turns plummy in the winter with coppery new growth in early spring and golden flowers, followed by blue fruits in fall, 2-3’ H x W

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drought tolerant plantpollinator attractor plant
ERI - Erigeron p. ‘Lynnhaven Carpet’ (Robins Plantain/ Fleabane) – Eastern US native selection, dense mat forming hairy foliage is topped with the palest lavender daisies in spring, 12-15” H x 18” W
Golden Currant
drought tolerant planthummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
RIB - Ribes aureum (Golden Currant) – native deciduous woodland shrub with clusters of yellow blooms with a hint of red, small black fruits relished by birds, coppery – burnt orange fall color, 3-6’ H x W
Lenten Rose
“deerdrought tolerant plantpollinator attractor plant
HEL - Helleborus orientalis (Lenten Rose) – nodding blooms in late winter range in color from ivory and pale green to deep plummy purple, leathery evergreen foliage, will re-seed, 18” H x 24-30” W

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Meadow Rue
pollinator attractor plant
THA - Thalictrum ‘Black Stockings’ (Meadow Rue) – super-sized cultivar! Columbine- like foliage with deep purple stems and frothy pinkish- lavender flat topped corymbs in early summer, 4-5’ H x 2’ W