Veronica peduncularis 'Georgia Blue'

Georgia Blue Speedwell


This easy maintenance, perennial groundcover adds a beautiful cobalt blue to the edge of any garden.  We love the dainty deep blue flowers that start blooming as early as February and are heaviest in April, continuing into early summer.  Besides the blooms, the best part about 'Georgia Blue' is that  it remains evergreen, turning lovely shades of burgundy in the colder weather.  It is a great companion to early spring bulbs, especially the yellow of daffodils, and can mask the untidy foliage bulbs leave behind as they fade.  This Veronica is good for spilling over edges, out of containers, or as a mass groundcover.  It may need shearing back after blooming once in a while to refresh it but otherwise it is low maintenance.  You can plan on it getting about 6" tall and spreading 12-24" wide.  It will tolerate full sun to part shade and can even take a little drought; but looks best with moderate water and good mulch.  It has proven deer resistant in some gardens (Jacksonville, Applegate Valley) in the Rogue Valley but not others (Griffin Creek area of Medford), so try it out first.  Butterflies and hummingbirds are known to visit the cheerful flowers.  Georgia Blue Speedwell looks great planted next to purple toned Euphorbia, Black Mondo Grass, Mahonias, and other broader leaved shrubs and perennials.