Salvia x 'Heatwave'

'Heatwave' Series of Autumn Sage Hybrids

salvia heatwave blaze

So many compliments to give this autumn sage hybrid.   We planted the 'Blaze' variety because I like all flowers that get close to true red.  No pinks.  Bonni may beg to differ on if this is true red but most days it is.  One of the reported benefits of the 'Heatwave' series, that was bred in Australia, is that they hold their color through the summer and don't fade out.  We have certainly found this to be true, the blooms start vibrant red in May and will continue unti frost.  It is extremely heat and drought tolerant but takes regular water as well if given good drainage.  The hummingbirds visit it every morning and evening.  The foliage is like most varieties of Autumn Sage- spicy fragrance so the deer should leave it alone.  It was also mostly evergreen this past mild winter.  I only cut it back to clean it up in mid March.  The first summer it was planted it quickly filled out to 2' tall by 2-1/2' wide.   This perennial should be in every garden!  We carry several varieties- 'Glimmer'- a creamy white with dark stems, 'Brilliance'- a deep  magenta,  'Glitter' a cheery medium pink.  We also carry other varieties of Autumn Sage and their relatives- like 'Ultra Violet' so come get your Sage fix!