Rosa rugosa

Rugosa Rose


The toughest of roses provide intoxicating flowers, long lasting rose hips, interesting leaf texture, as well as drought tolerance and deer resistance.  Why would you plant any other rose?  There are more varieties coming out all the time to add more colors and mature sizes to the rugosa rose palette.  They can vary from 3'-6' tall and 3-5' wide; most varieties will grow to the 5'x5' category and will spread by runners, making them a good barrier or hedge plant.  Rugosa roses also look great in a mixed border, especially because they don't need the extra care of sprays that most other roses need.  The rugosa roses are also called sea tomato roses because of their large orange to red rose hips that last throughout the winter and provide nourishment for the birds.   The flowers come in single or double petaled forms and range in color from deep magenta pink to red to pure white and yellows. Ask about our current stock to find out what the available choices are. The flowers bloom all summer and you can detect their spicy fragrance from across the garden.  You can tell a rugosa from other roses because of their larger, more textured leaf and their lack of black spot.  Once established they only need an occasional soak and prefer full sun.   We have been told that the deer don't eat the roses off the rugosa rose shrubs in Ashland, so we hope that continues!