Fruiting Shrubs for the Home Garden - Part 1

Cane Fruits: Blackberries and Raspberries

Are you hoping to add a bit more variety into your edible landscape this year? Consider adding some fruiting shrubs into the mix! This week, we’ll look at a few types of cane fruits (blackberries and raspberries) that make a great addition to the home garden. Shooting Star carries a good variety of cane fruits, but this week’s article shines a spotlight on a few lesser-known varieties you might want to pick up in bareroot this winter.
Cane fruits all have similar cultural requirements. Both do best in well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter, and prefer a minimum of 6 hours of sun a day (full sun is better). In addition, with the exception of Babycakes and Raspberry Shortcake, most types of cane fruits require some sort of trellising system that keep the canes (and fruit) off the ground.

TayberryTayberry: Tayberries are a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry with delicious, large aromatic fruits. They also contain a high level of pectin and are great for making jams and jellies – that is, if you can keep yourself from eating them all fresh! They’re too fragile to ship well, so they’re rarely available commercially – an even better reason to grow your own.


Marionberries 2493507934Marionberry: Marionberries are a cross between a Chehalem blackberry and an olallieberry, with tasty sweet-tart berries with complex flavor. They’re an Oregon favorite, and can be eaten fresh or used in pies, jams, jellies, pancake syrups - even ice cream! Berry trivia: Marionberries were developed at OSU, and are named for Marion County, Oregon.


FallGoldFall Gold Raspberry: Very large golden berries of excellent flavor. The berries are too delicate to ship, so you’ll mostly only find them at local growers markets. Wonderful for eating fresh, highly recommended as a fresh topping for vanilla ice cream!


babycakes editBabycakes Blackberry and Raspberry Shortcake: These two varieties are thornless, bush-type berries – perfect for the patio garden! Raspberry Shortcake gets about 2’-3’ tall and wide, Babycakes gets 3’-4’ tall and wide. Both bear abundant crops of delicious, full-sized fruit.

To learn more about the different varieties of fruiting trees and shrubs avaliable here at Shooting Star Nursery, be sure to take a look at this list of Fruiting Trees and Plants from our website!

Want to learn how to prune and care for your cane fruits? Be sure to register for our Pruning & Growing for Bounty class on February 29th!