Ginkgo biloba

on Monday, 26 April 2010. Posted in Fall Color, Deer Resistant, Trees, Drought Tolerant

Autumn Gold Ginkgo


We usually think of Ginkgo trees in the fall when they are at their most brilliant- 'Autumn Gold' describes this male variety well.  It is truly a golden yellow and the fall color can last quite a long time; with the leaves tending to drop all at once.  Ginkgos also have value as a tough, slow growing tree that work well in urban or rural situations.  Ginkgos have been around for 150 million years so they are adaptable to most soil and climate conditions.  They have an open habit in youth and become more dense with age; 'Autumn Gold' reaching 45' tall and 35' wide at maturity.   Put them in front of dark green conifers to highlight their fall color or use them as a street tree.