Pruning Blackberries

Get those canes ready for spring growth


This is what we are looking forward to correct?  Luscious berries all summer long.  To achieve that it is best to get your pruning and cleaning up of your berry patch done now. I love late winter for pruning- most leaves have dropped so you can see what you are doing and nothing is actively growing so no damage is done.  

IMG 6175

Here is a before photo of a blackberry patch that has been in the ground for 4 years or so.  Lots of growth from the previous summer.  


Here is the after photo.  It's actually fairly simple to prune blackberries once you know what to look for.  Prune out the dull colored, more hollow stems that fruited this past summer. And prune out any small scraggly stems. Choose 3-5 main, healthy new stems that were the new growth from this past summer and train them up to be your fruit producing canes for this summer.