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Deer resistant plants class

on Wednesday, 24 April 2013. Posted in Deer resistant, Drought tolerant, Classes

new ideas to combat the deer from munching your beautiful plants

We had fun taking our class members on a tour of the nursery and showing off some of the new plants that are deer resistant.  Like this Berberis 'Red Jewel' and a dozen other Barberries that come in all colors of the rainbow.  




They were surprised to find out how many options they had!  Our researched and tested deer resistant plant list runs 5 pages long.  We edit our list based on what is working in the Rogue Valley, not a book that comes from the east coast or other parts of the country.  We can even finetune the list depending on where you are in the valley.  We have come to learn what the Applegate deer like versus the Ashland deer.  So come see your many options at the nursery!  And let us know what is working for you.

Daphne Summer-Ice-plant-of-photoCallistemonLinearis250x376feijoa-sellowiana

If you are interested in the handout for our deer resistant plant class, find it here.  Remember, look for plants that have a strong scent (usually from an oil in the leaves), are poisonous, or have a coarse or prickly texture.  This is a starting point, the handout will explain further.  


Don't forget our other great classes in May and June!

Blueberries and Strawberries in Containers

on Thursday, 04 April 2013. Posted in Edibles, Classes


Our class on Blueberries and Strawberries in containers was a lot of fun!  We helped several customers pot up their own blueberries in a custom mix, containing sulphur, acid fertilizer, and bark, guaranteeing their health and happiness.  We also created some strawberry pots- in a cheery red ceramic pot and even a red rubber boot as strawberry planter!



If you are interested in the handout for the class including the soil recipe for blueberries in pots, go here.

More classes to come this spring... Can't wait!